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MKR: Hadi’s shock slur to Suong

'You poor thing'.

It’s set to be the most controversial episode of the hit cooking show in nine seasons.

Sonya and Hadil will make comments about mum Suong which will rock the nation, causing one team to storm off set.

At Elimination House, things turn ugly when the teams begin discussing the calibre of the meals being served.

‘You’re talking to me like I’m stupid, like I don’t know fine dining,’ Suong tells Sonya and Hadil.

Away from the table, the Sydney duo take the slanging match to a whole new level.

‘Thank God she doesn’t go out fine dining,’ Hadil says to the camera before Sonya drops the bombshell: ‘she wouldn’t be able to afford it.’

Speaking to New Idea about the insensitive comments, Hadil says: ‘Emotions were really high on that table’.

‘You’re absolutely fatigued. You’re tired and you do say some things that you wouldn’t necessarily say in your everyday life. It’s not an everyday situation. Your emotions aren’t normally that high.’

How will Suong react and what will the fallout be from the incident?

Watch this space!

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