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Fans slam MasterChef for “terribly disappointing” editing

"I'm disappointed and confused."
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MasterChef fans have slammed Channel 10 for the “terribly disappointing” editing and favouritism shown to certain contestants competing in the popular cooking show. 

Taking to the MasterChef Australia 2023 fan Facebook group which boasts more than 100,000 members, one viewer complained about the lack of airtime some contestants received in comparison to others.

WATCH NOW: Gordon Ramsay farewells Jock Zonfrillo. Article continues after video. 

“Terribly disappointed after tonight’s episode as once again we had the situation of some ‘cooks’ not featuring their dishes at the end so we don’t even know what they cooked,” the disgruntled viewer wrote. 

“Fortunately none of them are in the cook-off tomorrow night so they weren’t among the three worst cooks for the night.”

“Unfortunately because the overall series has concluded filming this situation is not likely to be correct in future episodes,” the poster relented sadly.

Fans have slammed Channel 10 for not giving all the contestants equal air time. (Credit: Channel 10)

And whilst fellow fans came out in droves to share in their frustrations as to not being able to see all of the dishes presented to the judges, other fans said the editing was “nothing new.”

“Haven’t you watched the previous 14 series?” one viewer responded. 

“There really isn’t time to watch everyone’s dish being tasted. The judges have watched throughout the cook and have chosen a certain number of dishes to taste, as they have always done.”

“They usually focus on the best and the worst dishes of the challenge,” said another.

“If you watch MasterChef from other countries, they do exactly the same thing,” one more added to the commentary. 

Robbie has quickly amassed a legion of fans. (Credit: Channel 10)

Despite a lack of airtime for some contestants, fan favourites like 65-year-old Youth Support Worker Robbie Cooper, have already made their mark both in the competition and in the hearts of fans tuning in from home. 

“I’m disappointed and confused. What did he cook?” a fan wrote after watching Monday night’s episode. 

“Was he even there? I don’t think I even saw him,” said another.

One thing disgruntled fans can look forward to however, is that as the contestants are whittled down, remaining contestants will be given additional airtime that they may not have experienced in previous episodes.

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