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Bed pics: MAFS’ Tamara flaunts revenge fling with Rhyce Power

It's hotting up between the pair!
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Married at First Sight‘s Tamara Joy and Rhyce Power’s relationship is heating up as the couple enjoy a holiday together in Bali. 


The pair, who met during MAFS filming, have been sharing intimate photographs and videos of each other on their social media accounts for days as they enjoy the sunshine in Bali.

Tamara, 29, flew to the Indonesian island, where Rhyce lives, just last week, and the couple have been catching up ever since, fuelling rumours of a growing romance.

However, taking to Instagram stories on Sunday, they tried to shut down the gossip, telling fans during a Q&A they are “just friends.”

rhyce tamara mafs
(Credit: Instagram )

Rhyce, 28, who is the brother of Tamara’s love rival, Jessika Power, dispelled rumours several times, repeatedly claiming he and Tam are not dating – despite the fact the reality-TV stars were in bed together, without much clothing. 

“No, we are not a couple, we’re both single, we’re friends hanging out with each other in bed, watching movies,” Rhyce said during the Q&A. 

The pair have been pictured at various Bali hotspots together over recent days around Canggu and Seminyak. 

tamara rhyce
(Credit: Instagram )

After what looked like a recent date between the pair was broadcast on their Instagram accounts, Jessika took to her own account to address the situation.

“A lot of people want me to comment on this,” she told her followers.

“My brother isn’t always the smartest but I trust his judgement and I don’t have any hate towards Tamara.

“They are two grown adults eating dinner. Move forward, guys, there is way more going on than some fake hate on a ‘reality’ show.”

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