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MAFS Stacey’s shocking words about Michael

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Safe to say, Married at First Sight‘s Stacey Hampton and Michael Goonan won’t be walking down the aisle for real any time soon. 

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The reality TV bride has dealt her groom the harsh truth, saying on her Instagram stories that she would ‘rather swallow acid and die,’ than get back with Michael.  

It comes after Michael, 29, allegedly cheated on Stacey, 26, by kissing Hayley on a drunken night, and then a came the bombshell revelation Stacey was also accused of cheating on Michael on Sunday’s episode of MAFS. Talk about toxic. 

Michael addressed the rumours in an interview with Nova FM’s Chrissie, Sam & Browny.

‘Imagine a guy that’s literally getting torn apart every single week for a kissing allegation, changing his whole life, running around and jumping over hoops for this girl… I’ve changed everything, I’ve literally become a saint you know,’ he said, adding it would be satisfying to see Stacey held accountable for being unfaithful.

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Earlier in the week, the couple had their final date together.

He boasts millions in the bank and a luxury waterfront home, but Married At First Sight‘s nouveau riche ice heir, Michael Goonan had zero plans to treat his wife Stacey Hampton to the finer things in life on their final date.

‘Stacey is really, really materialistic,’ Michael told viewers on Tuesday night, but insisted: ‘But you know, she has banter with it and it’s good fun.’

But then, like flicking a switch, he confirmed: ‘Stacey wants a Hollywood lifestyle, but I can’t keep up with that.’

For their final date, Stacey told Michael she wanted an all expenses paid shopping trip, a VIP experience in Sephora, and a fine dining lunch – even a trip to Dubai!

‘I think Michael will pull out all the stops today, so I’m quite excited,’ she told viewers.

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But alas, Michael wouldn’t be delivering. ‘Stacey has no idea what she’s walking into,’ he said.

He made his exit from their apartment, and left her a sweet note alongside a Lamborghini car key – she was ecstatic. ‘I don’t know if I like fast cars,’ Stacey admitted, ‘but I like nice cars, so a Lamborghini? Great. So far so good.’

Waiting underneath the Sydney Harbour Bridge was Michael and his sweet ride.

‘Lamborghini? Not today,’ Michael joked to viewers, before the camera locked focus on their actual set of wheels for the day. ‘Welcome to the biggest heap of sh-t driving on the road that you’ve ever seen. What a heap of junk,’ he said.

So why the need to deliver her sh-t instead of sleek? ‘I know this girl puts on the pretentious front, but can she be realistic? Can she be down to earth? What’s her attitude gonna be like when she rocks up thinking we’re in a Lamborghini when we’re in the biggest sh-t heap on the planet. How’s she gonna handle that? That’s gonna give me a pretty good insight into the girl that I could potentially be with for the rest of my life,’ he explained.

‘Stop. This isn’t funny,’ Stacey gasped.

‘C’mon, babe. We’re going for a drive to the date,’ Michael said, offering for the single to mum to take the wheel.

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‘This is definitely not the date that I had in my head that Michael would have planned for me,’ she said to viewers, before turning to Michael.

‘I can’t, I can’t. This is disgusting. My dress is gonna get dirty. This is embarrassing.’

Realising how ‘materialistic’ she sounded, she assured him, ‘Look, it’s not the Lamborghini that I hoped for a received, but as long as you’re here.’

‘That’s a very mature way of handling it,’ he replied. ‘There was a part of me thinking that you wouldn’t be able to put Valentino to pedal.’

Still, she was hoping lunch would deliver the goods. ‘I’m really hungry, so I’m looking forward to lunch.’

But it wasn’t to be. Michael asked Stacey to pull over on the side of a road. There, he pulled out two folding chairs from the boot, and a plastic Coles shopping bag with a sandwich, a cold meat pie and a pop top juice.

‘Are you for real? This is definitely not the date I had in my head,’ Stacey said, appalled. 

‘We’re not eating lunch here. Stop laughing, it’s not funny.’

‘I love you,’ Michael assured her.

Stacey wasn’t budging. ‘I don’t love this, though.

‘When you find a Lamborghini key, I expect to find a Lamborghini, not a Toyota. Now I’m getting eaten by bugs. I’m wearing Valentino heels on the side of a road, on a $20 Bunnings chair with a bag full of food.’

(Credit: Nine)

‘Are you telling me you’re not enjoying yourself?’ Michael was confused, but also excited that his point was being proven.

‘I know my face doesn’t move much, but does it look like I’m enjoying myself?’ Stacey replied, expressionless. 

‘I’m finding it hard to read your facial at the moment,’ he laughed.

Stacey laughed, too. ‘I’m trying to frown but it’s not working.’

‘Today has been about taking you out… and showing you that you don’t need a flash car and expensive lunch to show how good of a time we can have together. That’s pure passion you’re feeling right now is overwhelming, and that’s called love,’ Michael explained. Cringe.

(Credit: Nine)

Then it started raining – perfect timing. 

‘It’s raining. My hair’s getting wet!’ Stacey screeched at Michael, who ran to get an umbrella from the car. ‘I’m not blown away by Michael. I’m blown away by the weather!’

But just when Stacey thought her day, hair, and dress was ruined, Michael told her there was ‘one more surprise.’

‘Michael. I’m done with your surprises. Get me outta here,’ she snapped.

‘She copped it on the chin. She handled it really well,’ Michael told viewers. Umm, was he on the same date we just watched? 

Stacey confirmed what we all – minus Michael – gathered. ‘Oh my God. That was a nightmare.’

Lucky the final surprise was dinner and an overnight stay in a Palm Beach mansion.

(Credit: Nine)

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