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MAFS Stacey reveals the REAL truth about her career

Finally, the truth!
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Married at First Sight‘s Stacey Hampton has revealed the truth about her “law” career. 

WATCH: MAFS’ Stacey and Hayely reignite feud over cheating scandal

At Sunday night’s girls’ night the 26-year-old was forced to come clean about her legal career after rival Hayley Vernon questioned her about it.

She has repeatedly referring to herself as a “lawyer” on MAFS, however, it turns out that Stacey has yet to actually practice law – and is just a law graduate.

“I just got admitted to the bar – I’m not allowed to practice law,” she claimed, while defending her achievements in front of all of the other brides. 

Hayley responding: “You’re not a lawyer, you’ve just studied.”

According to her LinkedIn, the MAFS bride became a bachelor of law in 2017 after studying at the University of South Australia. 

Last year, Stacey shared a picture proudly holding her legal admissions certificate on the steps of the Supreme Court of South Australia.

“What if I told you, you can do anything you put your mind too [sic]? Success is something you gain when you decide you can’t fail,” she captioned the picture. 

Stacey shared this snap in 2019 as she held her legal admissions certificate on the steps of the Supreme Court of South Australia.

The details come after Connie Crayden was left reeling over the vile behaviour displayed by some of the women at the girls’ night. 

The night saw all former MAFS brides return for an explosive meet up at a Sydney pub. 

While the evening started out with everyone being civil, it soon went from “zero to 10 in a heartbeat”, according to Connie. 

Speaking on Talking Married after the show, the 27-year-old revealed that while Hayley and Michael’s cheating scandal was the talk of the night, she’s now even more unsure about what actually happened. 

Connie spilled the tea on the girls’ night.

During the night, viewers watched as Vanessa admitted the video evidence she said she had of Hayley and Michael kissing didn’t actually exist.

“I just don’t know anymore if I believe her [Vanessa],” said Connie.

“She told me she had videos. She had evidence of them kissing. When we confronted her about it, she then admitted that she didn’t have the videos.

“So if you can lie over something like that maybe she’s lying about what she’s seen too. I just don’t know where I sit with Vanessa and with what she saw.”

(Credit: Channel 9)

Connie also opened up about the vile behaviour of the brides on the night, and said she’d rather have been at a dinner party. 

“When I saw Hayley strut through those doors I just remember looking at Stacey and being like, ‘Ding ding ding ding ding round two.’

“You can’t have those two in the same room… Round two did come and it was really painful,” said Connie.

(Credit: Channel 9)

“It was just so full on I just didn’t know what to do with myself. I was a little bit embarrassed to be there seeing the girls carry on that way. It’s just not right. It’s so not right seeing women treat other women like that no matter what the disagreement is or what you’re fighting about.

“No woman should stoop so low to the point where they’re treating another woman in such a bad way.”

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