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Married At First Sight reunion SHOCK!

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The two-part Married At First Sight reunion is just weeks away – and it’s set to see Jessika Power, 28, and Cyrell Paule, 29, face off at a dinner party that ends in “tears, tantrums and utter chaos”, according to our on-set spy.

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However, not all former participants were worthy of a repeat showing. 

“Only Seasons 5 and 6 stars were called back,” shares the source, who says participants from earlier seasons were considered “way too boring”.

Married At First Sight reunion Jessika Cyrell Tracey
Jessika Power (pictured) is set to appear in the upcoming MAFS reunion. (Credit: Instagram)

While controversial couple Dean Wells, 42, and Tracey Jewel, 38, are said to have jumped at the opportunity to take part, despite the measly $3000 pay packet, fans shouldn’t expect to see Davina Rankin serving up any drama.

“She turned down the offer,” dishes our spy. “She’s a mum now … I think she’s just moved on.”

Meanwhile, Sarah Roza’s on-screen groom, Telv Williams, is said to have been “blacklisted” by producers, while Ines Basic’s former love rat, Sam Ball, proved to be a “no show” despite being “begged” to return.

Married At First Sight reunion Jessika Cyrell Tracey
Former MAFS star Cyrell (pictured) allegedly has a face off with Jessika at the reunion. (Credit: Instagram)

According to gossip podcast So Dramatic! the long-discussed MAFS’ reunion went ahead at the last minute to counterbalance the apparently not-so-spicy upcoming 2021 season.

“The new season is such a bore. Nothing really happened and everyone was really well-behaved,” podcast host Megan Pustetto said.

“So they’re bringing back the most outrageous and outspoken contestants the franchise has ever seen. It’s all about rating and shock factor for them,” Megan claims a production insider told her.

Married At First Sight reunion Jessika Cyrell Tracey
Rumour has it Tracey Jewel (pictured) jumped at the opportunity to take part in the reunion. (Credit: Instagram)

The two-episode TV event is expected to play out similar to a MAFS’ dinner party or commitment ceremony, and according to the podcast, it’s going to be both.

“It’s going to be split into two big nights. Night one will be the dinner party and night two will be the sit down with the experts. There are no rules, contestant can talk about whatever they like,” Megan said.

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