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MAFS Poppy slams Luke: What you didn’t see on TV – ‘He’s a complete d***’

She's had enough of the way she's been portrayed
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Married at First Sight bride Poppy has been copping a wave of abuse today after she ended it with TV groom Luke – but she says there is another side of the story that is very different to what was shown on TV.

Poppy has been widely slammed for the dumping, with the show’s edit suggesting that Luke was a good guy done wrong by an unreasonable bride. But she says that is pure fantasy cooked up by producers – and suggests he was an entirely unsuitable groom.

WATCH: Poppy makes shock exit leaving Luke in tears

Making allegations about Luke’s past behaviour in relationships that would unsettle any bride, Poppy also noted he didn’t even live in the same state as her.

‘The experts never met him!!! He was fake on camera and a complete dick behind the scenes! It was infuriating.

‘I was uncomfortable with all the things about this person I was matched with that didn’t add up. But I was told, “Poppy, on camera and off camera doesn’t exist to the public,”’ she said.

(Credit: Nine)

She suggests she was frightened by the producers into pretending to be keener on him than she was.  

‘I was so scared I was saying sh*t like, “this could work” because they [producers] told me Australia was going to f***ing hate me. F**k, I’d probably hate me too! From what I heard that’s all they play of me!’

Poppy indicates that Luke was directly responsible for her departure, and the details were deliberately left out of the aired version of events.

Poppy and Luke MAFS
(Credit: Channel 9)

‘I couldn’t say what was happening behind the scenes as it was too controversial. Why is Luke crying when I left??? Go and ask Luke why I was so uncomfortable????? Why the f**k did I really leave??

‘He’s petrified I am going to talk. He knows he f***ed up. Those tears from him are for his reputation and job!’

She continued: ‘He’s scared sh**less I will tell the truth. I was afraid to speak up! But f**k this s**t I’m going to tell everything!!! It’s not what you see, it’s what you don’t see!’

Offscreen, Poppy has apparently found new love. However she has yet to confirm who he is, or where the relationship is at.

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