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Married At First Sight contestant caught lying about sex!

“You’re lying!”
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Melissa certainly made an impression from the very first moment she appeared on Married At First Sight.

During the Hen’s Night, featured in the first episode of MAFS Season 10, Melissa rather candidly told her fellow brides-to-be, “I’m gonna f**k my husband on the first night!”

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And after meeting her husband Josh in the latest episode, Melissa wanted to stay true to her word. She instantly felt connected to Josh and kept gushing to cameras about how she couldn’t wait to get Josh into bed.

But the day after Melissa and Josh’s wedding a MAFS producer asked Josh whether he and Melissa “consummated” their marriage and Josh replied, “No, last night we just had a really lovely kiss and cuddle and went to bed.”

When pushed further by the producer Josh said: “Ah no, no intimacy progressed. We’re older, we don’t have to jump into any of that stuff. We’ve got a lot of time to get to know each other so there’s no need to rush that aspect.”

“The way that a relationship normally progresses is that, you know, either you get involved in that kinda stuff straight up or you don’t. I’m open to taking the time to see when we’re both comfortable around that stuff,” Josh added.

josh mafs
Josh said that he and Melissa did not have sex whereas Melissa said that they did… (Credit: Nine)

However, Melissa told MAFS producers a completely different story.

“Was sex last night with Josh good? Yes. Last night went off with a bang! I was looking for a big, burly man to throw me around on the first night and let me tell you, Josh has it covered. Thor does have a big hammer and Thor does not disappoint. I’m on the Josh train now. Boop boop; I’m not getting off,” Melissa shared.

So which one of them was telling the truth???

Well, during Melissa and Josh’s honeymoon, Melissa tried to get Josh back into the bedroom. She rubbed sunscreen all over him, sat on his lap in the pool and eventually took her bikini top off, hoping it would entice her new hubby.

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It didn’t though. And Melissa got quite upset and started wondering whether Josh actually liked her or not.

Melissa ultimately decided to confront Josh and we got to find out who lied earlier in the episode…

“They asked you if you’ve had sex with me, right?,” Melissa asked Josh. “They have a few times, and I just said, ‘No,’” Josh answered.

“You’re lying,” Melissa shouted in reply.

“Well, I mean I’ve got some integrity where I’d keep some things for us,” Josh then said.

melissa mafs
Melissa got very upset when she found out Josh had lied to keep their sexual encounter private. (Credit: Nine)

Throughout the confrontation, it becomes clear that the newlywed couple are not on the same page when it comes to talking about sex.

“You can say that you’ve f**ked me, it’s okay, we’re both, like, adults,” Melissa told Josh before he interjected with, “I’d never phrase it like that.”

At this point, Josh is asked by a producer if he and Melissa have slept together. And he admits that they have but he isn’t comfortable going into further detail about it.

“I would never talk about that stuff in real life. I’ve got Christian conservative parents, so I didn’t feel the need to shout it from the rooftops. In my heart, I feel something for Mel but I don’t really wanna share everything with everyone. I want to keep some things for us.”

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On the other hand, Melissa is extremely upset and tells MAFS producers that she doesn’t understand why Josh doesn’t want to tell the world that they were intimate.

“Sex with your wife is not a bad thing,” Melissa says before adding that this whole saga has definitely driven a “wedge” between her and Josh. We’ll have to wait and see if this issue gets resolved…

Married At First Sight continues Monday at 7.30pm on 9 and 9Now.

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