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MAFS Martha campaigns for a cause close to her heart

We can all get behind this one
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Married at First Sight‘s controversial contestant Martha has opened up about the bullying she’s faced all her life – and how she’s taking a stand in support of anti-bullying charities. 

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The 30-year-old reality TV star spilled details of her personal troubles in a candid post to her Instagram followers. 

“Long before I endured bullying on a public platform I was familiar with it,” Martha shared. 
“My first day of school, I couldn’t speak a word of English. When I was only 10, my family and I relocated to the USA. I started school there and I was ridiculed and made fun of for my accent, what I wore, and everything in between,” she said in her post.

Unfortunately, even moving home to Australia didn’t stop the bullies. 

“I thought moving back home to Australia would bring some relief from the cruelty I encountered at school. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the case,” she said. 
“Then followed my first real job, again I was surprised to find out that even amongst adults bullying was present, perhaps even more so than in the school yard.

“Currently I deal with cyber bullying on a daily basis. It is by far the ugliest thing I’ve experienced. 

“I am blessed to be surrounded by strong and supportive people. I was lucky enough to over come it, but so many others are NOT as lucky. 

“So today i am taking a stand…against bullying,” Martha said.

Martha’s post is part of a wider campaign from fashion label Auguste to raise awareness around bullying and raise money for the National Centre Against Bullying and Cybersmile Foundation

Talking of the charities who’ll benefit from the donations by people purchasing the ‘Hero’ T-shirts she’s wearing in her post, Martha said 100% of the price tag is going to the charities  “to support victims and create more positive communities, both online and offline.”

“That’s something I can get behind – and you should too,” she added.  

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