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MAFS’ Jess admits Nick’s ‘The One’

The new lovers are smitten
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Married at First Sight‘s Jessika Power and Nick Furphy just took their relationship to the next level. 


The couple, who originally appeared on separate seasons of MAFS, announced that they were dating earlier this month.

“People won’t be happy with this relationship but it has nothing to do with them,” Nick told Daily Mail.

“Jess has grown so much after the show. Don’t always believe what you watch on TV. I’m looking forward to it.”

And now Jess has made a bold statement about their relationship, calling Nick ‘The One’.

Taking to her Instagram stories on Saturday night, Jess shared an intimate moment between the couple – a photograph of them kissing – and she captioned the shot: “When you know, you know.”

jess nick mafs
(Credit: Instagram )

With their love life playing out in the spotlight, the reality-TV duo revealed in a Q&A on Jess’ Instagram stories they have received some negative comments from fans. 

“Have you or Nick received any backlash for being in a relationship,” one fan asked.

Quick to answer, Nick told how he’s coped with the haters. 

“Yeah, [from] a few people, but I don’t give a f***, it’s between us two, everyone else can get stuffed,” he said.

Adding: “As long as I’m happy, and as long as she is.”

“I’m happy!” Jess said, laughing.

But thankfully for the couple, Jess, 27, and Nick, 32, have one of the MAFS ‘experts’ in their corner. 

Married at First Sight‘s resident relationship expert Mel Schilling gave the new couple her blessing on Sunday. 

The therapist took to social media to voice her approval after Jess shared a photograph of herself and Nick enjoying a day out in Melbourne. 

I went on the wrong season hey @mel_schilling1 😂” Nick cheekily commented on Jess’ snap. 

To which Mel replied: “@nick_furphy86 this was my plan all along.”

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