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WATCH: MAFS star Jessika shares shock cosmetic procedure

WARNING: graphic images
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Married at First Sight‘s Jessika Power is one reality TV star who doesn’t shy away from the truth when it comes to her surgeries. 

So much so that the 28-year-old invited fans to watch as she was injected with a ‘mystery’ solution on Thursday, when she shared cosmetic nurse Penny Polimenakos’ Instagram video to her own account.

WATCH: MAFS’ Jessika flinches in pain during shock cosmetic procedure 

“Look who was in today. Can you guess what we’re doing here?” the video caption stated, along with two choices: “Jaw contouring” or “jaw slimming”.  

In the video, Jess appears uncomfortable as fluid was repeatedly injected into her jaw. 

jess power
(Credit: Instagram )

Earlier this month Jess revealed to New Idea the secret behind her face and figure, confessing she’s had $50,000 worth of surgery since MAFS ended.

As well as veneers, lip fillers and cheek fillers, she’s also had a breast lift, where she had fat surgically removed from her thighs and pumped into her breasts, taking her from a B cup to a D cup.

While the controversial reality star is confident and proud of her body, she’s no stranger to bullying and trolls who criticised her extreme lip fillers.

“Throughout the show I was criticised for my fake lips and my fake this or that, so the last thing I needed to do was go and get fake boobs and just add more hate to the fire,” she laughs.

“Watching myself back, I definitely thought, ‘Oh s**t’. I have a really strong bone structure in my face, so I felt like I looked gaunt a lot.

“Now, having cheek fillers, too, I feel like my face is a bit more plump.”

Looks like she won’t be going au natural any time soon… 

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