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MAFS Jessika flaunts bruised new breasts

They look so sore!
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Married at First Sight‘s Jessika Power has flaunted her bruised new breasts, after confessing to the full cost of her cosmetic surgeries since leaving the show. 


The 27-year-old exclusively revealed to New Idea the secret behind her face and figure, confessing she’s had $50,000 worth of surgery since MAFS ended.

As well as veneers, lip fillers and cheek fillers, Jess added a breast lift and fat graft to her surgical rap sheet.

On Wednesday she took to Instagram to show off her boosted breasts as she flaunted the results of her surgery.  

🎀 I like this photo better 🥰 sorry babies 🎀” Jess captioned the photo of herself, with her new pink hair and her noticeably bruised breasts. 

It didn’t take long for the reality-TV star’s fans to comment on the pic. 

“Why all the bruises?” one fan questioned. 

While another asked: “Why is your chest all bruised?”

Jessika candidly responded: “I had fat from my thighs injected into my chest xxx.”

Speaking to New Idea about her surgeries, MAFS star Jess admitted details of the surgery, which took fat cells out of her problem areas and redeposited them into her breasts. 

“I put some weight on during MAFS and after eating healthy and exercising, I had a bit of weight loss. Also with my break-up with Dan there was a lot of stress there as well,” Jess told New Idea.

“I chose the fat from the underside of my thighs. I had this little pocket of fat, I don’t know what it is, no matter how much dieting I do, no matter how much exercise I do, I just couldn’t get rid of it.”

The one-hour procedure turned Jess’ B-cup chest into an impressive D-cup, while removing unwanted fat cells from her thighs and bum.

The controversial star recently gained further attention for gatecrashing the Logies with fellow MAFS villain, Ines Basic. 

The pair rocked up just as guests were leaving the awards, and flirted with crowds after being snubbed by organisers and not offered a ticket.

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