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MAFS fans call Jack out for “flirting” with Jade

"Tori he just so is not into you."
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As Jack Dunkley, 34, struggles to find a sexual spark with his bride Tori Adams, 27, on Married At First Sight, fans have noticed his chemistry with  a different bride, 26-year-old Jade Pywell.

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On Tuesday night’s episode of MAFS, Jade was tasked with giving Jack third-party relationship feedback about his situation with Tori.

The exchange caused a stir online as fans suggested Jack was flirting with Jade, taking to X (formerly Twitter) to share their opinions. 

During his conversation with Jade, Jack described the mother-of-one as “spicy,” “fiery,” and “passionate”, adding that she and her groom Ridge Barredo, 27, were one of the most “good looking couples” in the experiment.

“I’ve definitely dated people like Jade in the past,” Jack added.

When Jade asked the 34-year-old why he hadn’t yet slept with Tori, Jack claimed that it was something he was working towards.

Fans suggested Jack was flirting with Jade. (Credit: Nine)

Jade then queried if it would have taken Jack as long to sleep with his bride if she was more his type. 

“Maybe the sex would have come quicker,” Jack admitted. “If I’d had a sexual spark with someone, all I can say is, we probably would have had sex by now.”

Jack has been described by many as the ‘villain’ of the season after finding himself in hot water more than once. 

Jack described Jade as “spicy,” “fiery,” and “passionate”. (Credit: Nine)

From his alleged “secret girlfriend” to the offensive “muzzle your woman” and “whale” comments, the personal trainer has elicited much outrage from viewers. 

While his bride Tori has had reservations about Jack’s behaviour, she has – for the most part – looked past his misdemeanours. And evidence suggests they are still together.

We’ll have to wait and see how things unfold on screen.

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