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Married At First Sight: Harrison’s ex Abby Miller calls out his “lies”

“His story is constantly changing…”
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The first episode of this year’s Married At First Sight was incredibly explosive thanks to Bronte learning on her wedding day that her new hubby, Harrison had a girlfriend outside of the MAFS experiment.

Since it aired, we’ve learnt that the ‘girlfriend’ was The Bachelors star Abby Miller – and she’s finally broken her silence.

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Taking to Instagram, Abby responded to various questions about the relationship she had with Harrison as well as questions about Harrison himself.

One fan asked Abby, “Is Harrison as narcissistic as he’s being portrayed [on MAFS]?” And she replied, “What you see is what you get.” Ouch.

Another wondered whether she was still involved with Harrison in any way but Abby shut that down quickly. “Not after all the lies he has told,” Abby wrote.

abby miller's instagram stories
Abby Miller has taken to Instagram to talk about her ex, MAFS star Harrison. (Credit: Instagram)

“Was anything true about what Harrison said?,” one fan asked, referring to Harrison telling Bronte on MAFS that he did not have a girlfriend, he was just ‘seeing’ various women and one in particular – he insinuates this woman was Abby – wanted to be together after the MAFS experiment ended but he told her that couldn’t and wouldn’t happen…

In response, Abby wrote, “His story is constantly changing. What do you think?”

We have to agree with Abby there; it does seem like Harrison’s story constantly changes. As aforementioned, Harrison told Bronte that this woman was hoping to get back together with him once he finished MAFS and was essentially just waiting for him.

abby miller's Instagram stories
Abby said she wouldn’t get back together with Harrison after “all the lies he has told”. (Credit: Instagram)

But then he told Fitzy & Wippa, “Abby was not waiting for me on the outside. She’s got her own life. She knew exactly what I was doing. I was very upfront about it. We actually said our goodbyes and that was a bit of time before I went into the experiment and got married.”

Abby was also asked if she could “spill the tea yet” via Instagram, to which she teasingly replied, with an accompanying photo of her and Harrison together, “Not just yet.”

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