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MAFS’ couple Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr talk marriage and babies

The couple fell in love on the social experiment in 2016.

As one of the only Married At First Sight couples still going strong, Erin Bateman and Bryce Mohr, who appeared on the reality dating show in season two, will be celebrating their three-year anniversary together in November, after ‘marrying’ each other on the reality TV show.

Now, the lovebirds are keen to enter the next chapter of their relationship as they reveal to New Idea they’re planning to move in together and have a real wedding – and babies are also on the agenda!

Congratulations on your upcoming anniversary. How’s it all going?

Erin Everything is good, it will be three years in November since we met on the show!

Bryce Yes, everything is really good like Erin says. After the show we kept everything low-key but it all worked out and we’re still together!

Kris Washusen
(Credit: Kris Washusen)

Have there been any ups and downs for you two?

Erin We are normal people and we definitely have had our ups and downs. Most relationships have those, you know. But thankfully nothing major has happened to us. I mean, there’s heaps I do which is annoying for Bryce! But we don’t really fight…We fight over driving, Bryce is a back-seat driver and that’s about it!

Bryce We don’t fight, it’s true. I do call Erin ‘bull at a gate Bateman’ as she doesn’t think things through and tends to go at it. She doesn’t like taking others’ advice! But, she’s right. We never really have any fights.

Do you have any plans to move in together?

Erin We don’t live together but we are looking at it at some stage for sure!

Bryce Yeah, everything is going well so it’s the next thing for us.

What about marriage plans?

Erin Yes, we’d like to get married. Bryce likes to make a funny joke that goes along the lines, ‘I’ve already married you once, why do I need to do it again?!’ But I can definitely see myself with Bryce in 10 years’ time. I’ve always been anti-weddings. I think they’re a waste of money, but when we have one it will be low-key. We might just sign papers and have a champers!

Bryce Yeah, we’ll do something low-key. It’s a natural progression to go through, so we’ve just taken things easy so far and not rushed into things, but it’s the next step for us.

And, baby plans?

Erin Yes, one day! No plans just yet. I am still quite young, but when the time is right we definitely want kids. Bryce will make a great dad, he’s the mature one, he’s the sensible one of the two of us. I’m the highly strung one and he’s the chilled one, so we’ll make a good team.

Bryce Erin will make a great mum…yes, we’d love to have kids one day.

Kris Washusen
(Credit: Kris Washusen)

Erin, you shaved your head earlier this year for charity. Would you ever do it again?

Erin Yes, I would. It was the best thing I ever did! It’s something I wanted to do for about 10 years. I did it for World’s Greatest Shave and I raised just under $4000 for leukaemia research. One of my family friends suffered from it, so it’s a charity close to my heart.

What do think of the current crop of MAFS couples?

Erin The format of the show is very different. It’s fuelled by drama and not people looking for relationships. It’s a quick way for people to get famous. In my opinion it’s lost the genuineness. With Bryce and I, we were genuinely looking for a relationship.

Bryce Yes, it’s definitely changed. The format is so different now. Not sure I’d want to do it in its current format.

Did you find your career life changed after the show?

Erin Yes and no. Bryce continued to work in the same job, so nothing changed for him. I had a career change, but not for reasons to do with the show. It does rattle your life in general. You go from being a nobody to a somebody and there is a general anxiety about it.

Bryce I’m very introverted so it was hard having people coming up to me, but life is back to normal now. I’ve never had too many dramas. I just went back to my old job. In fact, it helped break the ice as a business analyst talking to new clients.

Would you ever do a reality show again?

Erin I would go into it with a better perspective and know what to expect. We’d love to do The Block if possible. 

Bryce I don’t think I’d want to go on a show again. As for Erin’s comment on The Block, she’s mad! We don’t know anything about renos.

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