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The sexy social media snaps of MAFS’ ‘most confident bride ever’

She showed off her amazing figure in a series of snaps
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A series of racy images of Married At First Sight’s “most confident bride” Elizabeth have emerged from the reality tv contestant’s Instagram profile. 

Although she dons a gorgeous white wedding gown in the promotional clips for the upcoming season of the reality tv dating show, she takes on an entirely different look in the images she has uploaded.

The 27-year-old flaunts her hourglass figure in a series of barely there outfits that not only reveal her amazing figure but her collection of tattoos.

In an image posted just one month ago in December 2018, the blonde beauty sports a leopard print bikini and poses with her eyes closed and a big smile on her face.

The bikini showcases three of her tattoos including a winged bird on her ribcage, an intricate thigh piece and a delicate sternum tattoo.

Another image shows Elizabeth posing with her back to the camera as she goes topless to reveal a back tattoo design consisting of an open-mouthed panther.

Older images on her Instagram account prove that not only can she rock platinum blonde locks but that she totally suits dark brunette hair too. 

In an older image, she poses with her shirt untied to reveal her sternum tattoo in full as well as dermal piercings.

The sexy snaps further strengthens her reputation as “Australia’s most confident bride”.

Apart from her good looks, she recently stood out in new promos for her strange and hilarious facial expressions she pulled as she waited at the alter for her groom.

MAFS expert Mel Schilling revealed to Yahoo last week that Elizabeth is a “very complex character” and that what we see of her in the promos is just “the tip of the iceberg”.

She further added that there was more to her than her funny facial expressions and long fingernails.

“She actually goes through a really though journey in the process,” revealed Mel.

(Credit: Channel Nine)

This isn’t the first season of MAFS that Elizabeth has auditioned for. She previously auditioned after being cheated on by two of her former partners with one partner actually being married, which she found out just three months into the relationship.

Married At First Sight begins on Monday, January 28 at 7:30pm on Channel Nine

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