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MAFS 2020: Amanda left heartbroken

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Nothing could be more devastating than being let down by someone you love – particularly on your wedding day.

WATCH: The emotional moment the bride receives the bad news.

But that’s exactly what happened to Married At First Sight bride Amanda Micallef, when he dad refused to attend her TV wedding.

Preparing to walk down the aisle towards a complete stranger in Australia’s first same-sex ceremony since marriage equality laws were passed, the strength coach was devastated to learn that her father had chosen not to be by her side.

MAFS Amanda crying
The bride is shattered. (Credit: Channel Nine)

“I didn’t think I’d get this emotional,” the 34-year-old shared after her mum told her that he’d decided not to come.

“I’m an understanding person, but…”

Sadly, it was something Amanda thought might happen, explaining that her father had “alluded to” the fact he might not be in attendance on her special day – and admitted she’d be “quite hurt” if he didn’t show up.

MAFS Amanda and mum
Amanda’s mum breaks the news. (Credit: Channel Nine)

“It would’ve been nice to have him…” she sobbed, her sentence choked off by tears. 

“All you want to do is make your parents proud, and I know that he’s proud but…”

Amanda had a tough time growing up as a gay woman in a European family.

After coming out to both her parents at 21, “I felt like I was a bit of a disappointment,” she revealed.

“As a gay person, there’s always a sense of having to work a bit harder to find your place in society. So having a mother or father’s confirmation – I really do crave it.

“And as much as I want to prove to my family I’m a strong woman, I think I’m still waiting to know if I’m enough.”

MAFS Amanda Micallef
(Credit: Channel 9)

It hasn’t been smooth sailing for Amanda, who tells New Idea she has struggled with being accepted for her sexuality.

“I did battle some depression and anxiety when I was about 17, trying to deal with my sexuality and coming to terms with all of that,” she reveals.

“I’m not afraid to be different. I’m not afraid. I don’t follow the crowd. I’m a leader. I don’t care to be liked, but I like to be loved by few.”

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