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Check out these shocking photos of Jack Dunkley BEFORE MAFS

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Married At First Sight Australia fans, you’re going to want to see this…

Recently emerged photos of controversial groom Jack Dunkley are circulating the internet and MAFS fans are left flabbergasted after seeing what he looked like before the show. 

WATCH NOW: Jack’s offensive “muzzle your woman” comment on MAFS. Article continues after video.

Jack’s StarNow account has been uncovered and we can’t believe how different he looks!

StarNow is a platform for job seekers in the entertainment industry, primarily for actors and models. 

Jack’s profile appears to be from 2010 with his “highlights” having been posted on November 14, 2010.

In this section, it states his highlights are “extra, acting, training, unpaid plays… photo shoots [and] actor training.”

In the “skills” section, acting has also been ranked as “expert”…

So, does this mean Jack is among many of the MAFS contestants who are actors?

His hair was so long! (Credit: StarNow)

Jack’s profile is under the name Jacob Dunkley, which fans speculate to be his real name following last night’s episode when Tori’s best friend Lea refers to him by this

MAFS fans can’t help but draw the comparison between Jack and an emo band member from the early 2000s such as Short Stack and Panic! At The Disco.

From the haircut to the all-black outfits and beanies, these throwback photos show a completely different phase in Jack’s life. 

It’s fair to say his fashion sense has evolved since then. (Credit: StarNow)

MAFS fans have taken to Reddit with some hilarious comments on the photographs. 

He really jumped on the emo bandwagon probably like….7 years too late,” one wrote. 

“He looks like he was the lead singer of a Creed tribute act,” another said. 

Another wrote, “Because tonight will be the night that I will fall for youuuu,” quoting lyrics from the popular emo band Secondhand Serenade.

Jack has always be a fan of the skinny jeans. (Credit: StarNow)

What we’ve learned from these shocking throwback photos is that Jack’s real name is Jacob, he was once an actor or strived to have an acting career, and he looks VERY different now than he did 14 years ago. 

Oh, and skinny jeans have always been a staple in his wardrobe!

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