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All the couples that have left MAFS 2024

Another marriage bites the dust.
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This season of Married At First Sight Australia has been… dramatic, to say the least.

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We have already witnessed cheating allegations, an anticipated couple swap, and the not soon forgotten “muzzle your woman” comment from controversial groom Jack Dunkley. 

It’s an experiment in which some couples flourish – we’re looking at you Jayden and Eden – and in which some crumble under the pressure, struggling to find common ground and inevitably calling it quits.

The latter can be said for the following brides and grooms. Keep scrolling to see which couples have left Married At First Sight Australia 2024.

Natalie and Collins. (Credit: Nine)

Natalie and Collins

Just two weeks into the season saw the first couple leave the experiment… Natalie Parham and Collins Christian.

Though Natalie and Collins’ exit from the experiment was heartbreaking, it was no shock for MAFS fans. Over the course of their “married” life, Nat and Collins had a rocky time and arguably had the least chemistry out of the other couples matched on the show.

Though both very kind-hearted and energetic people, their personalities didn’t mesh as the experts had hoped, causing a dramatic first dinner party when Nat had originally decided to leave the experiment just one week in. 

However, Nat quickly returned to MAFS, determined to make it work with Collins. Unfortunately, she could not shake the feeling that their relationship was fake, even referring to Collins’ reactions as an “Oscars performance”. Collins’ behaviour ultimately drove Nat further and further away.

At the first commitment ceremony, Nat wrote leave while Collins wrote stay. The two were forced to stay in the experiment according to MAFS rules, however, Natalie soon said her final goodbye to the experiment.

Madeleine and Ash. (Credit: Nine)

Madeleine and Ash

Intruders Madeleine and Ash did not last long in this experiment. The 30-year-old psychic medium and actress, Madeleine, from Victoria, was matched with 33-year-old sales manager, Ash, from Victoria, and the two were far from two peas in a pod. 

Their chance at love appeared hopeful when they first met with Ash being “blown away” by Madeleine’s beauty as she walked down the aisle, claiming she was everything he had hoped for. However, Ash soon began to have reservations about his new wife.

When it came to their first commitment ceremony, Madeleine wrote leave while Ash wrote stay, with her reason being that “life is weird” and that “the universe pulls us to do things.” The following morning, Ash regretted his decision to stay and exited the experiment. 

Ellie and Ben. (Credit: Nine)

Ellie and Ben

Ellie Dix and Ben Walter’s breakup is hardly surprising considering their on-screen marriage has been falling to pieces right before our eyes.

While it seemed the pair would be able to move past the groom’s ambiguity about wanting children, Ben’s two hour diatribe about why he and Ellie shouldn’t be together proved the nail in the coffin. And both parties chose to leave during the fourth commitment ceremony.

The 39-year-old defended his list of dislikes about Ellie, which included their age gap, her being “too emotional”, their lacklustre conversation, and more.

“There was good conversation, it was just hard to click,” Ben told KIIS 1065’s Kyle & Jackie O Show“For me, that was my number one value.”

Ellie, meanwhile, told New Idea that she was alerted to some concerning “red flags” around her groom just days into the experiment.

“The first was that he still wanted to be a tour guide,” she says. “He wasn’t at all ready to settle down or start a family.” Ellie, 32, adds, “I didn’t want to waste my time – or anyone else’s.”

Regardless, it seems they both got their happy ever afters; Ben has debuted a new relationship, and Ellie is reportedly dating MAFS groom Jonathan McCullough.
Michael and Stephen. (Credit: Nine)

Michael and Stephen

After struggling to find chemistry, grooms Michael Felix, 34, and Stephen Stewart, 26, left the experiment separately. 

It was a mutual decision for both men to write ‘Leave’ during a commitment commitment ceremony. After all, the pair’s relationship hadn’t been the same since Michael caught his husband “flirting” with a complete stranger. 

When confronted by the 34-year-old, Stephen confessed he was worried that he hadn’t found a “sexual spark” with Michael yet. He admitted that having had an “instant attraction to someone [else]” was a “lightbulb moment” for him, realising that their relationship was more of a “friendship.”

And so, the men called time on their MAFS journey.

Cassandra and Tristan. (Credit: Nine)

Cassandra and Tristan

Though they tried to find a romantic spark, it wasn’t to be for Cass, 29, and Tris, 30. The bride had a sweet rapport with Tristan from the beginning, loving his sense of humour and warm heart.

When the 29-year-old felt deflated about the lack of affection show by Tristan. He then tried to rectify this, and eventually told his bride that he was falling in love with her.

Cass, however, didn’t return the feelings and wrote ‘Leave’ soon after. As Tris had written ‘Stay’, the pair remained in the experiment for one more week to try and build a connection. But both realised they were better off as friends and left the experiment amicably.

“Waddling into the week as a divorcee but wouldn’t change meeting you for the world,” Tris wrote on Instagram. “You’re something special Cass, thank you for going on this journey with me.”

Andrea and Richard.

Andrea and Richard

While Married At First Sight’s oldest couple – Andrea, 51, and Richard, 62 – seemed like a perfect match to begin with, the fireworks fizzled for the couple.

Even after renewing their vows on screen, Richard and Andrea’s returned chemistry was fleeting as the pair ended up in multiple fiery arguments.

As Andrea tried to air her grievances with Richard, the groom insisted she was making excuses and she was simply no longer attracted to him.

“I can’t communicate with you if you’re completely denying what I’m talking about,” Andie said. “I don’t feel like you hear me.”

After a rocky week, Andrea and Richard decided to leave amicably. Now, it seems Richie has moved on.

(Credit: Nine)

Lucinda and Timothy

While their ‘slow burn’ had many MAFS viewers rooting for them, in the end, Lucinda and Timothy were just too different to form a romantic connection.

Saying goodbye, Lucinda wrote a “sassy” poem for her ‘husband’, joking that he never really tried. Timothy took it in his stride, telling Lu that they would be lifelong friends.

“Love you Timbo,” Lucinda wrote on Instagram after the fact. “Soul family! What a farewell…being cheeky little knobs, ripping our names off the door that was the portal into ‘that version of us’.

“Here’s cheers to the future version of ‘us’ as dear friends. So glad I’ve got a Timbo in my stratosphere and sorry for any times on this experience I hurt you. I see you & you’re awesome!”

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