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MAFS’ Tim confirms shocking news about his relationship with Sara

"I have been a bit scarred by the whole experience."
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When it comes to chemistry, sparks didn’t exactly fly for Married At First Sight’s Sara Mesa, 29, and Tim Calwell, 31. And yet, despite all odds, they committed to one another at the final vows. But have they stayed together since?

While Tim and Sara managed to work through *that* cheating scandal, it has now been confirmed that they didn’t get their fairytale ending after all.

Tim recently spoke with Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding on their Sit With Us podcast, confirming that he is in a new relationship.

“There’s no bad blood, but I think that I have been a bit scarred by the whole experience,” Tim said.

“I’m in another relationship now and I want to respect that so I’m not really doing the whole ‘friends with my ex’ thing,” Tim explained.

However, this news isn’t exactly a shock to fans…

Yet another cheating scandal. (Credit: New Idea)

Yahoo! Lifestyle previously obtained photos of Tim with a mystery Brazilian woman on the Gold Coast at the start of February – the two were shown kissing on the street. 

These photos emerged amid cheating rumours suggesting Tim had been allegedly messaging this woman throughout the experiment. 

An insider source even told PerthNow, “Tim is not the angel he’s painted out to be” and revealed that Tim was texting another girl “the whole time”.

Tim later spoke to Yahoo Lifestyle! and denied the claims made and said he was “100% faithful to Sara”.

“The only person I was romantically involved with during the experiment was Sara, which is more than I can say about others,” he said.

Are Sara and Tim still together? The evidence suggests no. (Credit: Nine)

Although the nutritionist, Sara, and business owner, Tim, were initially attracted to each other, bonding during their nuptials by conversing in Spanish, married life on the show was never smooth sailing for the bride and groom. 

Even before the cheating scandal, things came to a head after Sara refused to partake in the phone challenge, which required each contestant to share the contents of their phone with their partner.

During the challenge, Tim was more than willing to hand over his phone for Sara to go through; the nutritionist, however, quickly refused. This left Tim (and viewers) wondering whether Sara had something to hide.

Despite their bickers, Tim and Sara both chose to stay in the first commitment ceremony. (Credit: Nine)

When Tim brought up Sara’s secrecy in front of the other contestants during the first commitment ceremony – during which they both chose to stay – the bride wasn’t happy, accusing Tim of throwing her under the bus. 

“It made me look stupid,” Sara told him after the fact. Tim countered that he didn’t see the issue in bringing it up in front of the other contestants if she had nothing to hide.

Speaking to camera, Sara then confirmed that there was a budding sense of mistrust between herself and Tim.

Following the phone challenge, 9Now released an interview with Sara in which she revealed why she didn’t surrender her phone.

Both bride and groom have trust issues due to their past relationships. (Credit: Nine)

“You’ve got to remember, we are strangers like at this point we’ve only known each other for a week,” the 29-year-old told the publication.

“Phones are like a diary for a lot of people and I just didn’t know how far he was going to look into it. I feel like it’s a very private thing.”

While Tim was initially concerned about Sara’s defensiveness about handing over her phone, the 31-year-old eventually came around.

“We did have a conversation after and he said to me, ‘You’re right, phones are a very private thing’,” Sara said. “He did agree with me in the end.”

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