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Jack’s “whale” comment sparks outrage amoung MAFS fans

"I'm not letting it go."
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Married At First Sight Australia fans and contestants were left gobsmacked after Jack Dunkley’s shocking comment on tonight’s episode.

Jack seems to bring drama to most episodes, however, he most recently came under fire after Sara revealed his inappropriate behaviour towards her. Through it all, Jack’s wife, Tori, has mostly sided with him, but a recent comment has changed it all…

WATCH NOW: Meet Tristan! 30, from Sydney | MAFS Australia 2024. Article continues after video.

While away in Byron Bay at the Couple’s Retreat, the couples spent lots of time in the sun and hanging around the pool, enjoying themselves. However, not all the contestants felt comfortable in this environment. 

Beloved contestant, Tristan, spoke to Richard about feeling uncomfortable at the pool: “I hate sitting around the pool,” he admitted.

“Just being around all these very good-looking people. This is the most uncomfortable I’ve been in this kind of setting, ever.”

He later spoke to the camera sharing that he “wish [he] didn’t have to worry about taking [his] shirt off.”

“I hate being the dude with weight issues, it f***ing sucks, it makes me feel so weird,” he said. “I wish I could just feel confident.”

Sara and Lauren prove to have quite a strong friendship on the show. (Credit: Nine)

Following Tristan’s confession, the camera cuts to Timothy speaking with Lauren and Sara about an issue from the day prior. 

“Yesterday, Tristan didn’t want to go down to the pool because he’s really body conscious,” Timothy recounted.

“I said ‘Come on buddy, let’s go sit in the pool area just for 20 minutes.'” Tristan decided to accompany Timothy to the pool, however, things went sour after Jack arrived…

“I had my shirt off [by the pool]… Jack walks in and says ‘Oh, I see the whales are here today,'” Timothy revealed.

Sara was instantly infuriated, exclaiming, “That’s so f***ing rude.”

“What a pig,” Lauren responded. 

Fans instantly took to X (previously known as Twitter), reacting to the comment. 

After, Tim called Jack out on his inappropriate behaviour towards his wife, Sara, leaving tensions high.

However, the drama didn’t stop there…

Timothy decided to call Jack up on his recent “whale” comment, causing jaws to drop amoung the group.

The other contestants said their piece and stated how “not right” his comment was. While Jack admitted to it, he deflected his wrongdoings and said that he “would never directly call anyone a whale,” and the comment was taken “out of context.” 

As the group conversation grew more heated, Tori continuously told Jack to stop, however after no response, she walked away from the group. In a conversation following, Tori didn’t take Jack’s side as she had previously done. Instead, she told Jack the comment made was “completely malicious.”

“I’ve never really felt a deep disappointment in him,” she admitted to the camera. “But that… is so unacceptable. It goes against everything he says he stands for.”

“I can’t support that Jack.” (Credit: Nine)

Tori then tells Jack that his comment made him “look like a completely f***ing idiot.” 

“I don’t sit here and premediate, I don’t sit here and worry, I just live,” Jack said to Tori after she called him out on his behaviour. 

Later, in an exclusive interview with our sister publication TV WeekJack denies that the comment was directed at fellow groom Tristan, and claimed it was just a “joke”.

“I walked into the pool and said, ‘The whales are out’ – meaning me, Lauren, and Jade,” he explained to the publication.

“It was a self-deprecating joke, and the girls laughed their a**es off. They clearly aren’t whales – they looked amazing.

“Now, Timothy, my arch-nemesis, brings the moment to light, claiming I’ve called everyone a whale, knowing it would trigger Tristan [who has body confidence issues]. I was disgusted. I said, ‘Timothy, I would never say that to anyone who wouldn’t find it funny.’” 

Married At First Sight Australia airs Monday to Wednesday, 7:30pm, and Sunday, 7pm, on Channel 9 and 9Now

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