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Here’s which MAFS couples are *actually* still together?

Who has made it work in the 'real' world.
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Another season of Married At First Sight Australia is done and dusted and now, the truth about whether the couples are still together is starting to come out… 

When the final vow ceremony rolled around, 12 couples had been whittled down to four…. well, five if you count the couple swap.

While most of the Married At First Sight Australia 2024 matches were unsuccessful, it seems the experts weren’t completely off the money as four couples committed to one another at final vows.

But have they stayed together now that filming has ended?

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Jack and Tori. (Credit: Nine)

Jack and Tori

Married At First Sight’s Tori Adams, 27, and Jack Dunkley, 34, have proved one of the more controversial couples this season. Right down to Jack’s final vows, they have experienced much backlash during their time on the show.

And yet, they still chose to give things a shot in the outside world. But have they made it work?

Evidence certainly suggests that Jack and Tori are still together. In late March, the pair were spotted packing on the PDA at a beach in the Gold Coast. The ‘bride’ and ‘groom’ were all smiles as they posed for photos and even shared a smooch in the water. 

This sighting comes after Tori and Jack attended former MAFS ‘villain’ Bryce Ruthven’s 35th birthday party. They were holding hands and kissing as they waited outside the venue. 

Bryce, who is still with his MAFS bride Melissa Rawson, even shared a photo with the couple, and other former contestants including Jason Engler and Dan Hunjas. 

These public outings are hardly surprising considering Tori and Jack all-but-confirmed they are still together while appearing on Today Extra in late February.

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(Credit: Nine)

Jonathan and Lauren Ellie

Wait… these two weren’t matched together? No, they certainly weren’t. But while Jonathan McCullough, 39, made it to final vows with his ‘wife’ Lauren Dunn, 32, the pair’s rocky relationship finally reached breaking point – both leaving the experiment separately.

Now? Jono has found love with a different bride, Ellie Dix, 32, whom he was messaging during the experiment.

In our exclusive chat with Ellie and Jono, after almost five months of being an official item, the couple said “stuff it” to what anyone else thinks about their controversial relationship. Read the full interview here.

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Ridge and Jade. (Credit: Nine)

Ridge and Jade

These two intruders gushed over one another in their final vows, and it certainly seems like they are still going strong. When New Idea sat down with Jade and Ridge near the tail end of the experiment, their excitement and mutual respect for each other was palpable.

“The experiment turned out to be a lot better than I expected,” mum-of-one Jade, 26, told us. “I had never watched the show. I googled the success rates the night before I flew out and they weren’t great, so I was very nervous.”

Smitten Ridge, 27, added he definitely “got lucky” being matched with Jade. He told us, “I didn’t think an experiment like this could work, but I ended up falling in love. It was a happy accident.” 

As well as building his relationship with Jade, Ridge has been busy establishing a bond with her eight-year-old daughter Victoria, lovingly known as ‘Vee’. Jade admitted it’s been a “big relief” seeing the two getting on so well. 

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