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Married At First Sight: Adam’s mystery job revealed

Also, Adam appeared on a popular UK reality show prior to MAFS!!!
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Married At First Sight Australia’s latest season seems to be following a pattern; so far, each episode has featured one sweet, trouble-free couple – Lyndall and Cameron, Sandy and Dan, and Tahnee and Ollie – and one couple fuelled by drama – Bronte and Harrison, Claire and Jesse, and now, Janelle and Adam.

When Adam read his vows, he mentioned that he’s done things he’s ‘not proud of’ and that he’s ‘made mistakes’ before clarifying that those things made him the man he is today. Overall, his vows were quite sweet, but the comments Adam made about his ‘past’ caused Janelle’s brothers to become extremely weary.

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Eventually, Adam admitted to both Janelle and her brothers that almost ten years ago, he was engaged to someone and cheated on her. And while Janelle’s brothers, Josh and Jordan, were deeply troubled by this revelation, Janelle wasn’t too bothered.

Instead, she was bothered by Adam’s career

During the wedding reception, Janelle asked Adam what he did for a living and he responded with, “Over in the UK, me and my mate started up a competition business. Like, it’s online, we have, like, cool prizes and stuff like TVs, tickets to festivals, all that sort of stuff.”

janelle adam mafs
Janelle was extremely worried during her MAFS wedding reception that Adam didn’t have a stable career. (Credit: Nine)

“Also, I was gonna launch a podcast, yeah I really wanna do something like that,” Adam added.

Janelle wasn’t overly pleased with his answer and felt like Adam didn’t really have a job that was financially secure. And so, during their honeymoon, she broached the subject again.

“I don’t really know what you do,” Janelle said to Adam. She then shared that she was concerned about Adam not having a stable career.

adam mafs
Adam was not pleased when Janelle implied on their honeymoon that he wasn’t financially secure. (Credit: Nine)

Adam instantly became agitated with Janelle for asking and assuming things about his job and financial status.

“It’s definitely not attractive to me at all, it’s actually a bit of a turn off… She’s treating me like I got no money, like I’m just sleeping from bus stop to bus stop. But she doesn’t know anything about my life. She doesn’t know about my investments and crypto; I can support myself, so I don’t know where she’s getting all of this from… She’s casting judgement on me and I’m taking it as that,” Adam told cameras.

Ultimately, Adam expressed to Janelle that he took offence to her comments about his career and financial stability and Janelle apologised. The two then hashed it all out and decided to move on.

adam mafs
Adam co-founded a business called Meta Competitions, which runs prize draw competitions. (Credit: Facebook)

But it’s still not really clear exactly what Adam does for a job. Never fear, we’ve done a little digging!

New Idea found the website for the competition business Adam mentioned during his MAFS wedding reception and it’s called Meta Competitions.

And in a nutshell, Meta Competitions sells tickets. These tickets enter the buyer into a prize draw competition. And then Meta Competition founders, Adam and his best mate, Kaio, go live on the company’s Facebook page and, during the live video, they announce and contact the winner – who is selected by a “random number generator”.

adam coach trip
Adam also appeared as a contestant on the UK reality show Coach Trip in 2017. (Credit: E4)

Looking at Meta Competitions’ Facebook page, it looks like the company only started operating in March 2022.

Currently, there are no “live competitions” running, but in the past, Meta Competitions gave away 5 bottles of Au Vodka to one winner and a Delonghi Kettle & Toaster Set to another.

It’s not clear what Adam did for a job prior to launching Meta Competitions, although he did appear on the UK reality show Coach Trip in 2017. In fact, it was during the filming for Coach Trip that Adam met Kaio, who Adam started Meta Competitions with.

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