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What we learnt from the MAFS bucks’ night

There are three single dads in the mix!
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Married At First Sight 2020 is here, and the lucky lads looking for love kicked off the new season with a bucks’ night to remember.

WATCH: Inside the boys’ big night!

And while there seems to be mostly good guys in the group (with a couple of less appealing personalities thrown in for good measure), our first glimpse into the boys’ interactions have revealed a lot about how the next few weeks might play out.

Here’s what we learnt about the 2020 MAFS lads…

The guys are getting on – for now. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Ivan vs Michael: it is so on

It’s clear from the start that it won’t be smooth sailing for polar opposites Ivan Sarakula and Michael Goonan, Ivan admitting before he’s met the group that that doesn’t get along with ‘larrikins’.

And Michael is nothing if not a larrikin.

“Michael seems to be somewhat the centre of attention,” 30-year-old Ivan says disdainfully, after the two start talking about what qualities they would like in their ideal woman.

Ivan’s not too happy… (Credit: Channel Nine)

But after Ivan – who’s described himself as obnoxious – admits he’s “not particularly” enjoying the bucks’, we wonder if maybe he goes too far the other way, and could do to relax a little.

“It’s a bit inappropriate for me,” he says of the party.

We’re all different personalities from different walks of life who’ve been thrown into a scenario that none of us had any control over. But I like to think that I‘m a gentleman so…”

“I hope my wife is somewhere out there conducting herself with a sense of calmness and composure.”

MAFS Michael bucks
Michael’s always up for a laugh. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Josh is a total sweetheart

Meet this year’s Mr Nice Guy, Josh Pihluk.

Between his cheeky grin and his reveal that he’s wanted to be a dad since he was 13, the 28-year-old tradie from Newcastle has cemented himself as a firm favourite.

Genuinely excited to meet his new best mates, Josh explains:

“I’m stoked to have that support network to talk to, because I’m away from my family and friends, who are my support network.”

MAFS bucks Josh
Josh has a heart of gold! (Credit: Channel Nine)

Mikey Pembroke also seems like a genuinely good guy. 

The operations manager at an aged care facility talks about how grateful he is to be a part of the experiment, and it seems like the baby-faced 29-year-old will be a fan fave.

MAFS bucks Mikey
Mikey seems like a sweet guy. (Credit: Channel Nine)

There are a lot of single dads

This year’s MAFS crop features three solo dads who are on a mission to find love the second time around – and we couldn’t be more impressed by their decision to hit the reality TV circuit to build new families for their kids.

Youth worker Chris Nicholls is a dad to two sons – not to mention fairly easy on the eyes!

MAFS bucks Chris
Chris is a dad of two. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Larrikin Michael is a dad, too, and clearly incredibly proud of his little boy.

“He’s an absolute legend, he’s just starting to talk,” he reveals of the two-year-old.

Silver fox Steven Burley, 51, is also a father, revealing he has a 34-year-old son – which seems to kind of surprise some of the guys. Maybe because half of them aren’t in their 30s yet…

MAFS bucks Steve
Dad-of-one Steve. (Credit: Channel Nine)

In 2020, the misogyny is still strong

There’s always one guy who has to say or do something that makes viewers – male and female – cringe.

This year, it seems Michael might be that one, after he made some offensive comments at the bucks’.

“We’ve all been with a good-looking girl and then listened to her and been like, ‘Aw, turn that thing on silent,'” he shared, laughing heartily at his own joke – and earning horrified looks from some of the other 2020 grooms.

MAFS Michael bucks
Hmm, if you’re the only one laughing, was the joke really funny? (Credit: Channel Nine?)

And when Ivan says he’s not looking to steal a smooch when the marriage celebrant prompts him to ‘kiss the bride’, Michael’s jibes continue.

“What, you’re not going to kiss her?”

“What are you gonna do, give her a hand shake? 

“I think you’d make her look like a mug if you didn’t kiss her.”

Luckily, most of the lads don’t seem to agree, with Mikey, Ivan, Josh and Steve all speaking out against him and saying it’s up to the bride.

But Michael doesn’t seem to realise his faux pax, putting on a high-pitched voice and mocking: “I’m not a piece of meat, I don’t want you using me for my body.”

Ouch… watch this space, as sparks are set to fly.

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