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MAFS fans react to Cass and Sara’s finale showdown

"The nastiest person."
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You may think there would be no time to introduce a new feud into Married At First Sight’s final episode of the season, but alas… the dating show always finds a way. Latest to clash heads are brides Sara Mesa, 29, and Cassandra Allen, 29.

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As Sara took to the lounge with her groom Tim Calwell, 31, to reflect on their MAFS journey with the show’s experts, Cass accused her of lying to make herself look better, saying “there’s nothing honest about her”. 

Viewers were quick to react on social media, scroll on to see what they had to say.

After Cass accused Sara of “playing games”, the 29-year-old was quick to defend herself.

“That’s f**king bullsh*t,” Sara retaliated. “Do you know my story? Have you asked a single personal question about me?”

“I don’t want to get to know you,” rebutted Cass. “I’ve seen enough.”

Expert John Aiken then tried to mediate the discussion, but it was to no avail as Cass called Sara “the nastiest person”.

Cass accused Sara (pictured right) of “playing games”. (Credit: Nine)

“I’ve never spoken a word to you,” attested Sara. “I don’t know what your vendetta is or why you care so much about hating me.”

At this point, intruder Michael Felix, 34, jumped to Cass’ defence, addressing Sara when he said: “At the beginning I thought you were pretty cool, then I saw the real you and realised you’re sh*t.

“You are not real; you’re not authentic; you are the worst,” finished Cass.

Cass (pictured right) was partnered with Tristan, but did not make it to the end of the experiment. (Credit: Nine)

While Cass left her groom Tristan Black, 30, earlier in the experiment, Sara and Tim made it all the way to final vows after a rocky relationship.

During the reunion dinner party, the couple ended in a screaming match when Jonathan McCullough, 39, told Sara that Tim was having doubts about committing to her at final vows.

Regardless, they left the finale united. But has the relationship worked on the outside? Here’s what we know.

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