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MAFS’ Jason Engler reveals the REAL reason he and KC broke up

It looks like they remember things a little differently.
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Last night, Jason Engler from Married At First Sight jumped on his Instagram to do a “couple of vodkas deep” D&M.

The reality star did not hold back, revealing details about his recent breakup with KC Osborne, his falling out with fellow MAFS contestants Kerry and Johnny and his current standing with his on-screen bride Alana Lister.

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During the Q&A, many curious users quizzed the MAFS star about his breakup with season seven bride KC Osborne, who recently revealed that the pair broke up as they “don’t align with each other”.

Jason, however, remembered things a little differently.

“No, KC and I aren’t together. I’m not trying to get into details of why,” Jason began his statement. “She said something about alignment; she’s gone far left, I’ve gone far right.

“No, we don’t really talk, not really that friendly with each other anymore, unfortunately,” he continued, before revealing the real reason the pair may have called it quits.

Jason has dished details about his breakup with KC. (Credit: Channel Nine)

“Is it because she’s going on a dating show? Possibly. I don’t know if she’s even going on it.”

Jason also spoke about his time on MAFS and the friends, or rather lack there-of, that he made while on the show.

“It made me realise that mum and grandad may be right when they say that the only friend you’ve got is the money in your pocket,” the 35-year-old said.

The construction worker went on to explain the reason he and MAFS couple Kerry and Johnny are no longer friends, saying “we’re not friends because I’m bad for their public image, supposedly”.

Jason said that he and KC may have broken up because she may be going on a dating show. (Credit: Instagram)

In the same Q&A, Jason revealed that while he regrets going on MAFS, he doesn’t regret meeting his on-screen bride Alana Lister, and may even “send her a text” for their upcoming wedding anniversary.

Throughout the experiment, things were up and down between Jason and Alana.

But despite a few bumps in the road, the pair managed to make it work at least for a short while outside of the dating show.

That is until a video surfaced of Jason making homophobic and fatphobic comments about fellow MAFS groom Liam Cooper.

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Earlier this year, Alana spoke with Yahoo about how the video led to the couple’s downfall.

“Well, obviously the controversy was something that ended our relationship, so it impacted me in the way that Jason and I are not together anymore,” Alana explained. “We were never able to get past that controversy.”

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