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MAFS viewers react to Tori’s tense interaction with Jack’s client

"She's not someone that I would be friends with."
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To mark the end of ‘home stays week’ on Married At First Sight, Jack Dunkley, 34, took Tori Adams, 27, to meet some of his closest friends clients – including “straight shooter” Lizz who didn’t hold back when questioning the bride.

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After showing the Melbourne-local his Gold Coast home, personal trainer Jack introduced Tori to his client Lizz who came armed with many questions for the 27-year-old. Even Jack admitted he was glad the “heat” would be off him and on his wife for once.

Here’s what MAFS viewers had to say about Lizz and Tori’s interaction…
Lizz came armed with many questions for Tori. (Credit: Nine)

Lizz certainly wasted no time sharing her doubts about Tori’s relationship with Jack, immediately expressing “concern” that the couple hadn’t yet had sex.

She then took issue with Tori’s largely male friendship group after the bride described herself as “one of the boys”.

“I don’t want to stereotype, but I feel like when I come across a girl that only has guy friends… it’s usually because they’re sleeping with all the boys,” Lizz said to Tori, who denied the implication.

Jack’s client also deemed Tori’s wedding vows “dominant” bordering on “bossy”.

“First impression was ‘this might work out’ but based on the vows she’s not someone that I would be friends with,” Lizz said, adding that Tori seemed “basic”.

Tori was upset that Jack didn’t back her up throughout the interaction. (Credit: Nine)

At the end of the catch-up, Tori was upset that her husband didn’t back her up. Later, as she and Jack went out for dinner, the bride wanted reassurance that she would have his support when she relocated to the Gold Coast.

“In the beginning all I’m going to have is you,” Tori said to Jack. “If I move here, I’m going to need to lean on your circle for some time while I create my own network. Lizz was there representing you, and she did a real sh*t job.”

The discussion soon moved onto long distance and how they would cope with being apart. While Jack admitted he was fine with “space”, Tori suggested they visit each other on alternate weekends.

“You might just have to miss me a bit more,” Jack replied. “That’s not practical. Catch a plane ever Friday night.. come back Sunday ready for work Monday every single weekend? I think that’s too much.”

Tori wanted to plan for the future while Jack took a more laid back approach. (Credit: Nine)

Taken aback, Tori replied: “So your schedule doesn’t change for your partner? I just fit in where you’re free; is that what you’re saying?”

Jack argued: “No, you run your own schedule, you do your thing. I would never say you need to come and see me every single weekend.”

While Tori seemed doubtful, all was forgiven when Jack gifted her a diamond bracelet with a ‘T’ initial (not to mention a side of flirting). As they left dinner, Jack hinted to producers that they were heading home to *finally* consummate the marriage

But will Jack and Tori make it work once long distance becomes a reality? Click here for everything we know about their relationship post MAFS.

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