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Domenica reveals PTSD struggle after MAFS feud with Olivia

"I actually get scared when I see a photo of her."
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Domenica Calarco has revealed that she suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) following her on-screen feud with Olivia Frazer on Married At First Sight.

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The fan-favourite bride made the bombshell revelation in the first episode of her new podcast with fellow MAFS alum Ella Ding, Sit With Us.

While addressing rumours of a celebrity boxing match between Domenica and Olivia – which she branded “absolutely false” – the 28-year-old confessed she’s “scared” of her TV nemesis.

“I actually get scared when I see a photo of her … It brings back PTSD of her sitting across from me,” Domenica said.

“Legitimately, for a while there after MAFS, sitting at any table that was like a dinner table or a table where I had to have a conversation, I’d legitimately freak out, because I’d be like ‘who’s going to start s–t, who’s going to say something.’”

mafs domenica ella
Domenica and Ella just released the first episode of their podcast. (Credit: Instagram)

Domenica shared her anxieties with her therapist, who told her that it was a trauma response following her fraught experience on MAFS.

“I fully had PTSD, my therapist fully says I’m going through PTSD, so it’s real,” Domenica assured podcast listeners.

There’s no denying her time on the show was full of drama and she clashed with Olivia, as well as other brides and grooms like Tamara Djordjevic and Jackson Lonie.

After a blow-up at the couple’s retreat, where Domenica slammed a glass down on the table, smashing it, Olivia shared nude photos from Domenica’s OnlyFans account with other cast members.

mafs olivia
Jackson stood by Olivia amid the scandal. (Credit: Nine)

That move sparked a whole new scandal as Domenica, TV husband Jack Millar and fellow bride Ella demanded Olivia apologise, which she seemed unwilling to do at the time.

Though Olivia has since claimed to have apologised to Domenica, the makeup artist told WHO a very different story in March.

“What she calls an apology – do you think I’m going to believe anything she says? Done, gone, there is no way I would believe anything that comes out of her mouth,” Domenica said.

“She can say she ‘apologised to Dom’ as much as she wants. I think she is very cunning, okay, and it’s actually quite frightening how cunning she can be.”

mafs olivia domenica
Domenica and Olivia have continued to feud since the show aired. (Credit: Nine)

Olivia has also weighed in on the scandal since leaving MAFS, saying in a recent Instagram Story that she wishes nothing but the best for Domenica and Ella as they launch their podcast.

But fans remain unconvinced, attacking the former teaching student and branding her a “hypocrite” when she launched her own OnlyFans account in May.

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This story originally appeared on our sister site, WHO.

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