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MAFS’ Domenica Calarco drops OnlyFans bombshell!

"The joke is on everyone else."
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MAFS star Domenica Callarco has announced she’s relaunching her highly-publicised OnlyFans page.

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However, Domenica will be taking a very different approach to many OnlyFans creators, who rake in big bucks for posting purely explicit content.

The reality TV star’s revamped account will be “PG” and feature her day-to-day activities like work-outs and makeup routines.

Dom’s OnlyFans will now contain PG content. (Credit: Instagram)

“I want it to be a platform like another Instagram where I’m not filtered, where I can say what I want and I can do what I want, and it’s not going to be adult content. It’s gonna be a whole range of things. It’s going to be my life on there,” she told our sister site WHO.

“I think OnlyFans actually has a really – I don’t want to say bad connotation – but it has an ‘adult only’ connotation to it, especially in Australia.

“We all know Australia is a little bit behind in terms of cultural things like that, but OnlyFans is definitely something I’m going to explore in a different way.”

As MAFS fans will remember, Olivia shared an intimate photo from Domenica’s OnlyFans account to their co-stars, spurring on one of the biggest feuds the show has ever seen.

Her OnlyFans will feature her day-to-day activities like work-outs and makeup routines. (Credit: Instagram)

Domenica said relaunching her idle account was empowering after having to deal with the fallout of the photo leak.

“The issue has never been about the distribution of the photo, it was the damage Olivia intended to cause by sharing it,” Dom told

Domenica revealed that she started an OnlyFans last year after struggling financially amid the pandemic and her divorce.

“My OnlyFans was always up… it was only deactivated. My OnlyFans was always there, so it’s been active this whole time. There is some content on there still [and] it’s definitely something I’m still going to explore,” she told WHO.

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Domenica said that while there will still be “some fun content” that she’s sure “men will want to subscribe for”, she will also be offering one-on-one chats with fans.

“The joke is on everyone else because it was always there and it always has been. This is just me relaunching it after taking some time to think about where I want to take it,” she said.

Domenica’s exciting relaunch comes after she and co-star Ella Ding slammed Olivia for being 100 per cent hypocritical” over creating her own OnlyFans account.

“To be honest, I feel like they just had no idea, no plan. I think it was impulsive. It’s very hypocritical and now Olivia’s obviously backpedalling,” she said.

Olivia received backlash for sharing an intimate photo of Dom on MAFS. (Credit: Instagram)

Though Olivia and her boyfriend Jackson Lonie’s accounts have only been live for about one month, trolls have already leaked nude photos across the internet in what some are calling “payback” for what Olivia did on MAFS.

But Domenica said she doesn’t condone the leaks at all, regardless of her ongoing personal issues with Olivia.

She knows exactly what it feels like to have intimate photos shared without her consent and fears that these new leaks will just encourage more people to distribute private and intimate images without consent.

“[Oliva] didn’t realise the harm she was going to put me through,” Domenica said.

This article first appeared on our sister site NowToLove.

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