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MAFS’ Dean Wells shares shocking news about Tracey Jewel and her ex

"He's obsessed with her.'

In a new interview with WHO, former Married At First Sight star Dean reveals he reached out to Tracey Jewel who found herself struggling with mental-health issuesafter a very public break-up with her ex- boyfriend Patrick Kedemos.

“I saw Tracey was struggling. We don’t talk that often, but when I heard that was happening, I made an effort to call her. I called her while she was overseas; I called her while she was in her hotel room waiting to get a flight. She told me the whole story.”

However, Dean, 41, says he was not surprised when he received news of a split between the two. “We got emails from Patrick while we were filming MAFS and we notified the producers because I actually felt a little uncomfortable.

“Because of the wording and the things that he said in this email – it was probably a four-page email about his devotion to her and that they have to be together – he is obsessed with her, basically. I’m not that close with Tracey, but … I was definitely concerned about her. So I did what I could to try and show her a bit of support.”

After returning home from her public break-up with boyfriend Patrick while on a European getaway, Jewel exclusively told WHO last month that she overdosed while alone in a hotel room.

This article originally appeared on WHO.

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