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Here’s who is still friends from this season of MAFS

Tori said she wouldn't want to "spend time" with anyone after the experiment.
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With plenty of screaming across the table at dinner parties, it’s hard to imagine that any of the Married At First Sight brides and grooms actually remain friends when filming ends. But while the goal of MAFS is to find a romantic partner, most contestants leave the show with platonic love instead.

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Of course, there are those who end up closer to enemies, but plenty form bonds to last a lifetime – we’re looking at you Domenica Calarco and Ella Ding. This season of MAFS, we have seen a lot of friendships put to the test, but we have also seen plenty flourish.

We have done some investigating to find out which of the season 11 cast of MAFS are still friends. Keep scrolling to find out.

Jono caught up with Stephen in Perth. (Credit: Instagram)

It seems that Eden, Ridge, Jade, Jonathan, and Timothy don’t hold any grudges towards their fellow brides and groom – at least, if their current Instagram following list is anything to go by. Jono even caught up with groom Stephen while in Perth.

Some, however, are more selective when it comes to their following lists. Jayden, for example, only follows his ‘wife’ Eden, Sara, Jade, Ridge, Tim, Michael, and Jono. 

Including Jayden, there’s also group who don’t follow this year’s ‘villain’ Jack Dunkley. This includes Sara, Tim, and Lucinda. Although, it appears fan-favourite Lucinda, who was matched with Timothy, only follows Stephen.

But Lucinda’s sparse following list doesn’t confirm that she hasn’t remained friends with her fellow contestants.

In fact, although she and Timothy didn’t work out romantically, the wedding celebrant referred to her former ‘husband’ as her “soul family” following their exit from the show.

“Here’s cheers to the future version of ‘us’ as dear friends,” Lucinda wrote on Instagram.

Lucinda and Andrea have remained dear pals. (Credit: Instagram)

Lucinda has also remained good friends with Andrea. The Byron Bay local even changed her flight right after leaving the experiment to go visit ‘Andi’ in the Sunshine Coast.

“What an amazing time we had, talking day and night, dining, going to the beach, doing our hair, giggling, and just being silly soul sisters,” she wrote on Instagram.

“Andi has been there for me since the hens night, and I adore her! Andi~ you’re incredibly beautiful, both inside and out! You’re a quirky, kind, and a creative soul, just my type of sweetheart. Thank you for welcoming me into your beautiful boho beach shack and embracing me with open arms, angel. You feel like home after this unique experience we shared. Love you.”

The tightest friendship to come out of this season is, no doubt, Lauren and Sara. Not only have they continuously complimented each other in the comments of their Instagram posts, the pair travelled to Bali together in December 2023.

Sara and Lauren travelled to Bali together. (Credit: Instagram)

Sara has also been pictured hugging 62-year-old Richard since filming wrapped, proving the pair are on good terms.

Despite the fact she exposed Sara to her groom Tim, Eden also appears close with the girls. In February, Sara posted a photo with Lauren and Eden captioned “my main chicks”.

Though, it seems she and Lauren haven’t been without their issues. After Lauren was spotted on a night out with Eden’s ‘husband’ Jayden, Eden called the actions both parties “inappropriate and trashy” and “embarrassing”. 

“I think both of their behaviour on that night was quite disrespectful of me,” Eden told the Daily Mail in April.

“It felt almost a little bit intentional from Lauren’s half to hurt my feelings, and maybe Jayden as well,” she added.

It appears Jack and Tori are still together. (Credit: Instagram)

But what about Jack and Tori? Who have the divisive couple remained chums with?

During an explosive dinner party, Tori announced she wouldn’t want to “spend time” with anyone after the experiment. Has she stuck to her word?

So far, although we’ve seen proof that she is still with Jack, there have been scarce reports of Tori hanging out with anyone else from her season. But she does still follow everyone on Instagram – whether to remain friends or simply keep up with the goss, we don’t know.

Jack, however, is far more selective. The only bride he follows from this season is Tori. As for the grooms, the personal trainer follows Ben, Stephen, Ridge, Ash, and Tristan – the latter of whom he deemed a “whale” during a retreat.

While Instagram followings aren’t exact proof of who has stayed friends, they do give us an indication. But we guess we’ll have to wait and see who hangs out once the experiment is over.

Keep scrolling to see all the photos of MAFS contestants who are still friends…

Jade and Eden. (Credit: Instagram)

“A few of my favourites in one photo,” Jade wrote. 

Ash and Michael. (Credit: Instagram)

“Grateful for the friendships,” Ash wrote. 

Ash and Timothy. (Credit: Instagram)

Nothing but ❤️,” Ash captioned the post.

Stephen and Eden. (Credit: Instagram)

“Sister wife,” Stephen wrote.

Eden, Jade and Stephen. (Credit: Instagram)

“Ended up walking away from #MAFS with plenty of love! Super grateful for each experience, friendship and lessons learned!” Stephen captioned the post. 

Lucinda, Ellie, and Andrea. (Credit: Instagram)

“We are on the other side now. The people with hearts find each other. Love you girls x,” Andie wrote.

(Credit: Instagram)
“I would turn gay for this man, but he says this isn’t how it works…” Andie wrote. 
Lucinda, Cassandra and Andrea. (Credit: Instagram)

We didn’t find love with our men but we found something so special with each other…” Andrea captioned the post. 

Eden and Lucinda. (Credit: Instagram)

“We could all learn a thing or two from Lu… She is calm, thoughtful, warm, empathetic, and the kindest woman I have ever come across. Lu has been such an amazing support for me ❤️,” Eden penned.

mafs-still friends
Lucinda, Cass, Michael, Jono, Ellie, Andrea, and Timothy. (Credit: Instagram)

A few of us took a trip away to celebrate Andy’s birthday – had such a fun weekend with these beautiful people ❤️,” Ellie wrote.

(Credit: Instagram)

“Sara takes Perth. Pt 1 ❤️,” Lauren captioned the Instagram post.

Lucinda and Tristan. (Credit: Instagram)

“Love you son 💕,” Lucinda wrote.

MAFS was full of unexpected gifts… one of them was adopting a son I just adore! Tris~ you’re a loveable, divine dimpled gent, so handsome, hilarious and kind. I watched you dig deep and grow a lot during the experiment and you continue to & I’m just so proud of you. Love Muma 💕✨.”

Jono, Timothy and Tristan. (Credit: Instagram)

“Sydney trip to catch up with these legends,” Jono wrote.

Jono, Timothy and Cass. (Credit: Instagram)

“Night out for Michael’s birthday 🥳,” Jono penned.

Jono, Lucinda and Andie. (Credit: Instagram)

Popped in to catch up with these 2 beautiful souls. Thanks for all your advice and guidance x,” Jono captioned the Instagram post. 

Michael and Timothy. (Credit: Instagram)

Great night out buddy,” Timothy wrote.

Timothy and Andrea. (Credit: Instagram)

Timothy captioned the post, “Friends for life!!!!”

Timothy and Tristan. (Credit: Instagram)

The ultimate father-son duo is back together!

Timothy captioned the post, “What a great night !!!”

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