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EXCLUSIVE: Get To Know Love Island’s Layla With Our In Depth Questionnaire

"I’ve been in a television commercial"
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We have already seen Layla on a roller-coaster journey in the first week in the Love Island Australia 2022 villa. Will Layla find the love she is looking for? 

Layla dishes out her secrets in our juicy questionnaire!

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What is your strategy for the villa?

I don’t really have one. I am hoping for the best and want to speak to everyone. I

think you just have to be yourself, that’s my plan.

Have you ever applied for any other reality TV shows or been on tv before?

I haven’t applied for reality tv before, but I think I’ve been in a television commercial before.

“I haven’t applied for reality tv before, but I think I’ve been in a television commercial before.” (Credit: Instagram)

Is there anything you refuse to do on TV?

Not really. I think for the audience to really get to know who you are you just have to be yourself so probably not. That is the best way to go about it, you just have to also trust you have good morals.

What is your biggest dating ick?

Dealbreaker would be if they are not family orientated and very cocky. There is a difference between being cocky or confident. Ick wise would be the footy shorts with the thongs, I’m sick of that.

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What is your worst dating experience?

I had a frozen yoghurt date and it wasn’t great, the guy was just controlling and it didn’t work.

What is your physical type?

Tall, fit , ideally in the perfect world green eyes. Facial hair. A bit of everything.

Did any of your friends or family disapprove of you going on?

My Mum, we had to get her head around it. I’ve never been in a relationship, what better way to jump in the deep end, that’s what I said to her. She sort of has her head around it and now she is supportive.

(Credit: Instagram)

What are your thoughts on OnlyFans?

Do what you want to do. If you feel empowered to do it or you need money and income, I say do it. At this moment I’m not going to do it, but if you want to do it, go ahead.

Who is your reality TV crush or idol?

Not a crush but I love Abbie Chatfield. She just doesn’t care and she speaks her mind. She’s strong, she’s been through a lot. She’s amazing.

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