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EXCLUSIVE: Get to know Love Island’s Mitch with our intimate questionnaire

"I would never say never to Only Fans".
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This hottie is already making our hearts throb! 

Mitch has already made his mark as one to watch in the Love Island Australia 2022 villa. 

To help you find out if Mitch is really looking for love, or perhaps just some on-screen sexy time, scroll on and read our JUICY questionnaire that is sure to help you figure out if he is as hot on the inside as he is on the outside. 

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What is your strategy for the villa?

As cliche as it sounds, I don’t really have a game plan, I’m just going to be myself. I know back home I’ve got a lot of friends and family who love me, and they obviously like me for a reason.

Have you ever applied for any other reality TV shows or been on tv before?

I have. I applied for Too Hot To Handle two years ago and got pretty far, but I think with the pandemic, New Zealand was marked as an unsafe country so it couldn’t go any further.

Is there anything you refuse to do on TV?

Not really.

Mitch loves to party every bit as much as he likes to work on his body. (Instagram: @mitcheliot)

What is your biggest dating ick?

Bad manners. Someone who doesn’t say thank you to the waitress, or someone who doesn’t get along with my parents and my friends. If they don’t get along with them, there must be something wrong with them. I’ve never had a problem with my friends and family, they are great people. That is a deal breaker.

What is your worst dating experience?

I met up with someone on Tinder, and we went back to her parent’s house who was away so we enjoyed a one-night stand. Then a few months later I was seeing this girl, I was seeing her for about a month. We went to her parent’s house, it was the same house I went to when I had that one-night stand. I was thinking where have I seen this house before? Then the sister walked out. It was very awkward. We played it cool. I was honest and open and then the relationship fizzled out, as she couldn’t really see herself with someone who had slept with her sister.

This islander certainly has a cheeky nature! (Instagram: mitcheliot)

What is your physical type?

My physical type if you look at my history I have normally gone with blondes. But if I say my type it’s like a Megan Fox, with dark hair, and light eyes. I like a nice tan.

Did any of your friends or family disapprove of you going on?

I haven’t told a lot of people, my parents were shocked at first, but they have come around it. Now they are proud of me. A few of my friends I have told, they have said this is so you, it’s right up my alley.

What are your thoughts on OnlyFans?

Honestly, I think good for you if that’s what you want to do. If my girlfriend was doing that I would support her 100 percent. Personally, I don’t know if I would do something like that, but I never say never.

Who is your reality TV crush or idol?

I don’t have a crush. But on reality TV I do get told I look like Harry Jowsey from Too Hot To Handle a lot. I met him at a festival in New Zealand once.

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