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‘Ones to watch’: Jonathan LaPaglia dishes on Survivor: Blood V Water contestants

Survivor: Blood V Water kicks off in one week.
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As the premiere of Australian Survivor 2022 draws closer, beloved host Jonathan LaPaglia is promising that Blood V Water is set to be more brutal than ever before.

WATCH BELOW: First Look At Australian Survivor: Blood V Water

For the first time ever on the series, castaways will be playing with a member of their own family, begging the question, will blood prove to be thicker than water?

Siblings, couples, in-laws, parents and children will all go head-to-head in the highly anticipated new season of Australian Survivor: Blood V Water.

jlp survivor
JLP dished on this season’s contestants. (Credit: Network 10)

With just one week until the highly-anticipated new season kicks off, we spoke to host Jonathan LaPaglia to get the juice on this year’s crop who are each hoping to take out the title of Sole Survivor. 

Speaking of the faces that were first unveiled as part of this year’s cast, Jonathan said, “We’ve got some returning – there’s Mark and Sam who played and fell in love on season two, which was to their detriment in the sense because they kind of lost focus with the game and they quickly got voted out.

“But the silver lining to that story is that they fell in love and got married and have a child now, so that’s a great story. So they come back and they learned from their previous mistakes, so they’re definitely a couple to watch out for.”

He continued, “And then we have Croc and Chrissy. Michael Crocker is a famous rugby player from Queensland.”

michael crocker survivor
Michael Crocker is competing with his sister-in-law. (Credit: Network 10)

“He’s a huge fan of the show and he convinced his sister-in-law to come on the show with him. And she really didn’t know much about the show or about the game, so the two of them together is kind of hilarious. And I think she felt that she got hoodwinked.

“She thought it was gonna be, you know, somewhat of a vacation, fun, fun adventure – and it is fun if you’re into the game, but it’s tough out there!”

He continued, “And then we’ve got Sandra and Nina who are mother and daughter and both from the US. Sandra’s a two-time winner of the US show and she’s got the nickname ‘the Queen’ – and for a good reason – she is very good at playing the game, but her daughter has never played before, so there’s an interesting dynamic there.

“She may not have played, but she’s either been taught well by her mother or she’s been paying close attention. So they’re also great to watch and couple to watch out for.”

“They’re also great to watch and couple to watch out for.” (Credit: Network 10)

Asked if “queen of Survivor” Sandra was an intellectual sort – considering her multiple wins across the pond – Jonathan replied that the star is “very, very sweet, smart.”

“She’s excellent at leading the room and I think that’s her superpower. She’s excellent at leading the room and she’s quite subtle in how she works away into relationships and manipulates. A

“She’s also quite bold and bombastic in her interview, but during camp life, she’s quite subtle and quite clever.”

JLP added: “I love Sandra. She’s great. I love both of them. They were totally, a hundred percent committed to game. They’re both great players. And whenever I asked them something, they always gave me great answers. So I was happy!”

Australian Survivor: Blood V Water begins Monday, 31 January at 7.30 pm On 10 And 10 Play On Demand.

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