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“We wanted to go to the reunion together” says Janelle and Jesse!

They've lifted the lid on their love after months of speculation...
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Married at First Sight’s Janelle Han and Jesse Burford have revealed the truth about their relationship following months of intense speculation. 

The season ten stars set the rumour mill ablaze after they were spotted looking very loved up in Jesse’s hometown of Perth, leading eagle-eyed fans to suspect that there was more than meets the eye to their “friendship”. 

But according to Janelle, whilst they did test the waters with some romance, the pair ultimately decided they were better off as mates who shared a “trauma bond.”

WATCH NOW: Janelle shows up to the MAFS dinner party “ready for revenge”. Article continues after video. 

“We have shared a peck. Just an innocent little peck. That’s it,” Janelle admitted sheepishly to Yahoo Lifestyle. 

“It might have been friendly, it might have been romantic, I’m not sure. But we have had the conversation that we weren’t going to pursue anything because I moved to Sydney. So at the moment, we’re just really good friends.”

The 29-year-old beauty influencer then went on to say after filming for their season of MAFS wrapped, the pair grew closer than ever. 

“During the experiment, we were good friends, but then post experiment we got to know each other even more,” she shared candidly. 

“I understood more layers about him, understood he was more of an emotionally intelligent person, and I think things that I need in my own personality I saw in him and I started admiring him a lot.”

Janelle and Adam’s marriage crashed and burned on MAFS. (Credit: Getty)

So great their bond had grown that the pair of pranksters planned a practical joke for their fellow MAFS bride and grooms at the reunion. 

Unfortunately for them, however, producers put a quick stop to their mischief-making. 

“So at this point, me and Jesse were just really really good friends and we just love pranking people and just having fun,” she laughed. 

“So we were like, ‘Let’s go to the reunion together and prank everyone! But now that I’ve watched the reunion I think they wanted to give the ‘Jessie and Claire’ thing hope, so I understand why.”

Janelle is of course referring to how the episode alluded to Jesse and Claire rekindling their marriage after a controversial cheating scandal involving Claire and Adam (which we now know to be a very clever edit and not true). 

Janelle and Jesse are in real life BFF’s. (Credit: Channel Nine)

Jesse also lifted the lid on his friendship with Janelle in a recent interview with the podcast So Dramatic! Revealing that the pair were “good mates”. 

“Janelle just moved to Sydney, so even if we were gonna walk down that path, we both said to each other that a long-distance relationship is not something that is an option for us.”

In an interview prior to that, Jesse also disclosed that he and Janelle had shared a bed, but that there was “no funny business” and that Janelle was the “best friend” he had made on the show. 

“Janelle and I are really good friends she’s a real cool chic, I love so much about her,” Jesse shared with the hosts of the podcast Back To Reality. 

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