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They’re out of here! All the stars who have left I’m A Celebrity 2022

Here's who's bid farewell to the jungle.
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While being booted from I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Here! is sure to sting, we doubt the exit stings as much as the scorpions the evicted celeb is escaping. 

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Each year, as Channel Ten’s chosen group of celebrities brave the jungle and its accompanying critters for their chosen charity, they become very well acquainted with rice and beans, jungle life, and sleeping outside.

So, although forgoing an induction into the jungle hall of fame is bound to be a blow, the sweet refuge of a mattress is a nice consolation prize in our book.

Here are the stars that have been evicted from I’m A Celeb so far…

Davina Rankin. (Credit: Ten)

Davina Rankin

The first eviction saw the celebrities have to pull what they thought would be 575cm of silk scarf out of a top hat. The three celebs who had the least accurate estimations were David, Maria, and Davina.

These three jungle dwellers then had to fight for their spot in the competition by blindly guessing how many critters were in a mystery box.

The celebrity whose guess was furthest from the correct number would be eliminated from the competition.

In the end, it was former MAFS star Davina Rankin who was ejected from a chair into the water below, signalling the end of her time in camp.

Beau Ryan. (Credit: Ten)

Beau Ryan

After confessing he was struggling with jungle life, Beau Ryan shocked his fellow campmates by suddenly withdrawing from I’m A Celeb, saying he wanted to be present for his family.

“I travel a lot, and I work a lot. I remember growing up there was a guy who lived two houses down from me whose dad was always away for work – and I don’t want to be that dad,” the father-of-two told his co-stars.

“My kids need their dad. My wife needs her husband. And I need to find myself back at the moment. I’ve got voices in my head saying ‘don’t be a p***y,’ ‘don’t give up’ … but I can’t gain anything else from this show.

“Call it what you like, but … my journey here’s over,” Beau finished, before uttering the phrase: “I’m a celebrity, get me out of here, and I’ll see you on the other side.”

maria thattil im a celeb
Maria Thattil. (Credit: Ten)

Maria Thattil

Maria Thattil was the third celeb to leave the camp, after losing in a critter counting challenge against Tottie Goldsmith and Nathan Buckley.

Taking to Instagram after her exit aired, Maria penned a message to sum up her time in the jungle, and revealed her motivation behind joining the show.

“A week before going into the Jungle, I journaled about ‘why’ I was going to do it. As a newer “celebrity,” I hadn’t even been ‘Miss Australia’ for a year when the show came up. I knew it would be a hard, terrifying & extremely vulnerable way to be introduced to the nation properly – but that felt like the best way to just let Australia see who I am and what I champion,” she said.

“I wanted to entertain you, bring light, laughter and love into your homes and be a little spark for big conversations we are often too scared to broach. I wanted to be the person on TV I wished I could see, and walk away with friends that I love.”

“Mission accomplished. And seeing the sombre energy in camp after going home (in particular my @davidsubritzky’s reaction) was a beautiful reminder of how real it was for us all in there. This was a hilarious end to one of the best experiences in my life.”

Derek Kickett
Derek Kickett. (Credit: Ten)

Derek Kickett

Derek Kickett was the next celebrity to face a massive ejection, after going head-to-head in a critter counting challenge alongside Tottie Goldsmith and Emily Seebohm.

Taking to Instagram afterwards, Derek said: “Well my time in the jungle is over. What a great experience camping out and doing challenges along the way with a group of wonderful people with all different amazing personalities.

“Me being an introvert shy Country kid who was always racially abused and bullied growing up to do something that is so out of my comfort zone was a great experience, but mainly showcasing anything is possible.”

Tottie Goldsmith
Tottie Goldsmith. (Credit: Ten)

Tottie Goldsmith

After finding her way back in one of the hot seats, Tottie Goldsmith was ejected out of the camp, but she found herself ready and relieved to go.

Speaking to 10 play Tottie said, “I knew I was going to go, I couldn’t have been in that seat that many times and go through.”

“It was good timing for me,” she said, “I was actually hoping it’s my turn because I needed to eat! I needed a warm shower, to get dry and I needed to eat!”

cal wilson im a celebrity
Cal Wilson. (Credit: Ten)

Cal Wilson

Just days before the big finale, Cal Wilson was the unlucky celebrity to be flung from the so-called Aussie jungle.

“That’s me out of the jungle and into the swamp,” she said on Instagram. “Truly one of the most bananas, amazing experiences of my life, and I’ve dressed up as a goose for money.”

“From swearing I’d never ever do this show, to not wanting to leave it with every fibre of my being, it’s been a wild ride. I’ve made some beautiful friendships, and thank you for all your lovely messages, and if you’re a similar vintage to me, please do your bowel cancer test kit,” she said.

She went on to add that she chose Bowel Cancer Australia as her charity in honour of the people in her life who’ve been affected by it.

“My darling Mum is in very good health, which we’re all so grateful for, but I’m so sad to say the friend I referred to in my exit chat is no longer with us. I’m glad he knew just how much he was loved before he died, but bowel cancer can suck it.”

poh ling yeow im a celebrity 2022
Poh Ling Yeow. (Credit: Ten)

Poh Ling Yeow

The final celebrity has been ejected from the jungle ahead of the grand finale, with Poh Ling Yeow just missing out.

Taking to Instagram after her exit aired, Poh said: “I have such heartfelt gratitude for succumbing to this wild & whacky adventure. It was my 8th year being asked to be on the show, so the irony of time (also rubbish at fondling danger noodles) becoming my undoing was not lost on me!”

“Everyone who says yes to this nutty shebang, will tell you the same thing over and over – that the best thing about it are the deep friendships made,” she revealed.

“And it’s no surprise because after all the gagging and testicle munching is said and done the premise of the show is very much about forming a madcap family – all our personalities are plonked together without us being able to choose and we have to navigate this, plus put our personal fears aside to make sure the fam is fed!”

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