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How much do MasterChef contestants get paid?

Their salaries have been revealed...
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Australia’s most beloved reality cooking competition MasterChef Australia is returning for a 16th season, set to premiere on April 22, 2024.

We couldn’t be more excited to see the talented chefs pour their hearts and souls into the challenges… however, we can’t help but wonder how much the contestants are getting paid for their efforts.

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It’s common knowledge that the winner of MasterChef walks home with the chance to have their own cookbook published, PLUS an extra $250,000 in their hands. 

However, apart from the prize money at the end, there isn’t much else to lure the contestants to partake in the show and the highly stressful tasks they are given…

Back in 2013, the Sydney Morning Herald reported that the contestants were given $630 per week – this was only slightly more than the minimum weekly allowance for an entry-level cook at the time. 

However, they were provided with the necessities such as food and accommodation on top of that.

The 2024 contestants will be judged Andy Allen, oh Ling Yeow, Sofia Levin, and Jean-Christophe Novelli. (Credit: Channel Ten)

That being said, the salary has most likely increased since then based on the fact that the contestants were getting paid even less in the years before.

According to contestants were paid just $500 a week in 2011 – less than half the average weekly wage at the time. 

The contestants also seem to keep their weekly allowance relatively under wraps with only one contestant have spoken out about their wage while filming.

Billy Law. (Credit: Channel Ten)

Billy Law from season 3 of MasterChef Australia revealed that despite not noticing the effect of his pay cut during the show, his perspective changed once his time on-screen ended. 

“That’s when the reality hits and it’s then the time to start looking for jobs and to start making money again,” he explained.

Unfortunately, there have been no reports of what the contestants are getting paid for their time on the show in recent years, though it is expected that things have changed since 2013. 

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