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House Rules: Toad and Mandy accuse Mel and Dave of ‘copying’

As finals week heats up!

We’re only one week away from the House Rules grand final on Monday, July 30, at 7.30pm and tensions are high on House Rules. From shock injuries and cheating accusations to emotional meltdowns, it’s set to be the series’ most dramatic week yet.

They say great minds think alike, but Toad and Mandy don’t seem to see it that way.

The couple call Mel and Dave the ‘copycats from Ballarat’ after discovering they have the same bathroom cabinet in their ensuite.


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‘I would never accuse someone of copying and I’d like to think the other teams wouldn’t either,’ Mel tells New Idea.

‘We definitely didn’t copy them – we must just have similar design tastes!’

It’s not the only drama Mel and Dave are embroiled in this week. The Victorian team are accused of being control freaks, after telling Chiara and David that their table is too large for the small kitchen.

‘I just think bigger isn’t always better!’ Mel tells New Idea of the incident.

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