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House Rules Shayn and Carly under attack

They're playing a dangerous game
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It’s hotting up on House Rules! And as eliminations get closer things are getting nasty, with teams turning on one another. 

WATCH! The teams turn on Shayn and Carly 

There’s strategic voting at play too, which is causing controversy.

On Wednesday night, Shayn and Carly inspected the early room reveal in their Sunshine Coast Home, and with $5000 and five bonus points on the line they voted with their heads not their hearts. 

The Queensland couple’s tactical move enraged their fellow teams, who accused them of “playing a dangerous game”. 

House Rules The couple caused controversy with their strategic voting
The couple caused controversy with their strategic voting (Credit: Seven)

Desperate not to give Pete and Carly the advantage, strategy came into play when the pair were deciding who to award with the win. 

“Giving them an extra five points could potentially put them above us, and maybe knock us out… I’m thinking strategically now, not how much I love the rooms,” said Shayn, 33.  

While Carly, 31, admitted she was “struggling with trying to figure out who had done those spaces”.

However things didn’t go according to plan, and after host Johanna Griggs told teams of Shayn and Carly’s strategic voting decision, they ended up with egg on their faces…

…as the room they chose was in fact created by Pete and Courtney. 

“They’re playing a dangerous game,” exclaimed Tim, 32.

“I don’t like like this. I don’t like this at all,” Mat, 27, added.  

Pete, 32, had some final words of warning for Shayn and Carly: “They’ll find themselves in the last renovation with no one wanting to support them, give them space, help them out. They’ll be very, very alone.” 

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