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House Rules: Mikaela and Eliza’s shock confession

So unexpected!
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When House Rules favourites Eliza and Mikaela came into the competition as complete renovation novices, the reality TV sisters knew they’d need to rely on their drive and competitive streaks to get them through. 

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And now, as eliminations draw closer for the contestants, Mikaela has confessed that even if they don’t make it into the House Rules Hall of Fame, the girls see their time on the Australian reality show as a win in itself.

“We’ve got a beautiful home that we can come home to, and it feels like it’s full of love and warmth,” Mikaela, 24, told New Idea.

The new season of Channel Seven’s House Rules has also been a chance for the surfing sisters to repay their mum for all of her hard work over the years. 

“I mean, Mum has given so much to us financially, emotionally, all of that sort of thing.

“Mum literally has worked her tail end off to help us get to events. It’s just crazy. She’s really, really helped us out so much. This is the least that we could do,” said Mikaela.

Repaying their mum is high on Mikaela and Eliza’s wishlist, as they present a room for early room reveal on Wednesday night’s show, in a last ditch attempt to get themselves off the bottom of the scoreboard.

“I’m 24, I’m turning 25 this year, and I have never been able to really repay Mum for any of the things that she’s been able to do for me financially and emotionally,” Mikaela told New Idea.

“All of the support that she’s given me, and the same with Eliza.

“I feel like it was high time, and we had an opportunity to repay the favour.

“It’s not really a sacrifice when we think about it like that. We kind of get enough back from it from just being able to help Mum,” she said.

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