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House Rules Mel and Dave: Our tears and torment

The couple lost out in the Grand Final to engaged diary farmers, Toad and Mandy.

Mel and Dave have been extremely competitive since the get-go, and unfortunately in last nights House Rules Grand Final the Queensland couple were beat out by engaged diary farmers Toad and Mandy. 

The House Rules experience was an emotional one for the couple, who were fighting to bring Dave, a FIFO worker, ‘home.’ 

‘My dad died on the job when I was only in my 20s, and we hardly got to see him. I don’t want to make that same mistake with my family,’ Dave admits.

‘Spending so much time with Mel on the show has brought us together so much closer and made us realise we need to be like this ongoing,’ he adds.

‘Dave’s been 11 years on the job and now he’s getting older he just wants to spend as much time with the kids and be at home like a normal dad,’ she adds.

These factors were what made the young parents extremely competitive.

‘We’re so determined we won’t stop until we finish,’ says Dave.

The couple admit their drive to win has been so strong, that they hardly slept throughout the competition. 


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‘The pressure and stress is very high. The confrontation was hard at times. We had hardly any sleep. I got very emotional and was in tears,’ Dave admits.

In fact, the stress has been so high both of them shed kilos.

‘We both lost weight! We’d lose weight every week. A lot of time was spent on the go, we didn’t stop for lunch or dinner at times. And as a woman I wasn’t scared of hard work and was lifting heavy items, so I ended up quite muscly towards the end.’

‘It’s all good training for our next career in fitness!’ laughs Dave.

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