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House Rules Kim and Michelle: ‘We quit!’

Is this the last we see of the mother-daughter duo?

Things go from bad to worse this week on House Rules for Kim and Michelle.

The New South Wales mother and daughter team tell New Idea they were ready to pull the pin after things became all too much on the second renovation.

‘We struggled, we just wanted to go home,’ Michelle, 27, says.

‘We were so out of our comfort zone. We’d never travelled anywhere, we’d never been away from home. Being away from the kids was hard, we really felt it. In my opinion the first week was harder than having kids for the first time!’

According to 56-year-old Kim, grandmother to Michelle’s two daughters Bella and Aaliyah, competing was ‘scary’.

‘We were just mother and daughter and pretty much everyone else had their partners with them,’ she says. ‘It’s hard for two girls and me at my age!’

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(Credit: Channel Seven)

And when a medic is called to attend to Kim this week on House Rules, things fall apart even further for the struggling team.

‘I could be sent home,’ Kim confesses.‘I might have to leave the competition.’


Could this be the straw that breaks the camel’s back for struggling mother and daughter Kim and Michelle?

For the full story, and more House Rules exclusives, see this weeks issue of New Idea – out now!

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