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House Rules shock: Chiara lashes out – ‘They are fake!’

The biggest feud in House Rules history.

As the competition heats up, things turn nasty behind the scenes between headstrong teams Mel and Dave, and Chiara and David.

In a shocking turn of events, one team has accused another of being ‘fake’ in a revealing interview with New Idea.

‘They’re very false and fake people,’ Chiara spills.

She claims the Queensland team will stop at nothing to win House Rules.

‘They’re just in it for themselves. They will stop at nothing to get there.

‘I would never lower my standards to the way that they are playing the game. You don’t cut someone’s grass to do better and that’s what they do in this competition. I would never do that.’


‘They would play the game,’ Chiara’s husband and House Rules teammate David alleges.

‘To your face they would be nice, but behind your back they would stab you in the back. Can’t trust them.’

Young parents Mel, 32, and Dave, 34, admit they don’t see eye to eye with their WA rivals.

‘We have very different lives from Chiara and David,’ Mel says.

Dave adds: ‘I get along with everyone, but I have a bit more trouble with them… they’re very… loud.’

It seems the rift between the teams has even continued now filming is finished, with Chiara and David saying they have had no contact with Mel and Dave since the end of the show.

‘We’ve been in touch with every team except them,’ Chiara reveals.

‘I’m just not interested. When we were filming they would organise to go out with Jess and Jared and Leigh and Kristie and leave everyone else out.

‘To be honest, there were times when we couldn’t sit there and fake it so we would miss out on a night because we didn’t really want to be around them.’

Things first became rocky between the two teams when Mel and Dave scored Chiara and David’s zone a ‘four’, following the Hope Island renovation.

‘I know it’s a competition, but we’re all the same sort of people doing the same sort of things and anything below a five from a fellow competitor I believe is below the belt,’ Chiara explains.

new idea

Then, last week, the Queensland parents-of-two got Chiara and David offside again when they lied to the other teams about sleeping in the tent during Michelle and Kim’s build.

This week the feud is set to boil over on screen, with the two teams going head-to-head in the biggest clash of the 2018 season.

‘During the Victoria build, we had to share an area again and they had to flow, yet they weren’t communicating with us at all,’ Chiara says.

‘That’s when the final straw broke. They closed their books that week – they weren’t giving out anything or sharing anything. They literally would not work with us no matter how much we tried to make the areas flow.

‘They weren’t interested, they didn’t want a bar of us. It was a really rough week.’

David couldn’t agree more, saying: ‘It was just drama after drama… they kept throwing spanners in the works.

‘They were trying to trip us up so we looked really bad. They were putting power points on my side without even telling me. They kept changing their minds about what to do with the walls. It was a nightmare!’

For the full story see this weeks issue of New Idea – out now!

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