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House Rules: Chiara and David are the series most controversial team ever

The contentious couple are set to shock the nation.

Step aside Sonya and Hadil, Aussie TV is set to be rocked by the most explosive couple to ever take part in House Rules.

Perth parents Chiara and David admit they are ‘strong people’, who aren’t afraid to speak their minds.

‘Without sounding rude, I feel as though I’m all about keeping it real,’ Chiara, 32, tells New Idea.

‘And I don’t feel as though some of the other teams aren’t like that. There is a slight divide.

‘I think that they probably think that sometimes I’m a little bit overbearing, and I am what I am. What you see is what you get!’

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Within the first few days of renovating, Chiara and David will go head-to-head with a number of teams, including Queensland brothers Josh and Brandon, and Gold Coast couple Mel and Dave.

But there’s more than just conflict that’s going on with the fiery married couple.

David and Chiara also have one of the most tragic back stories in the history of the renovation show.

‘I didn’t have the easiest start in life,’ David, 38, says.

‘I lived in and out of a youth refuge when I was younger. Mum was only 17 when she had me. I bounced from Nan to mum and then mum got a new boyfriend and I stayed with her until I was 13.’

Caught up in ‘the wrong crowds’, David finally thought he’d got his life together, being drafted to play NRL in Sydney.

‘I got picked to play for Sydney City and then had an accident,’ he says.


‘I had my testicles ripped open when I was playing.

‘I’ve still got the scars. The football boots came across and tore it all open.

‘I had to have an operation and by the time I had to go back, they didn’t want me because I’d sat out a year and I was too old.’

Tragically, David was told he’d never be able to have kids.

When the FIFO worker met Chiara after moving to Perth to work on the showgrounds in 2007, he was honest with her.

‘I just thought we would get some dogs and get on with our lives,’ Chiara tells.

‘We were given a one per cent chance of falling pregnant.’

But then just five months later, Chiara fell pregnant.

‘We could not believe it,’ she remembers.

Along came Seth, now eight, and two years later, David and Chiara got married.

But a week before the wedding, the couple found out Chiara was pregnant again… this time with Taya, six!

‘We couldn’t believe it,’ Chiara says. ‘After we had our youngest Ellie Mae, who’s three, I had to get my tubes tied because clearly I’m the most fertile woman on the planet!’

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