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Gogglebox’s Tim and Leanne dish on replacing Angie and Yvie

The newest members talk joining the show

Fans were devastated to learn that Gogglebox favourites Angie and Yvie weren’t returning to the couch for season nine of the hit reality series.

But, they were treated with brand new cast members Tim and Leanne who have stepped in to replace the iconic cast members.

Of course, they had some pretty big shoes to fill.

“We were initially nervous about being compared against Tom & Wayne and Angie & Yvie,” they dished to New Idea.

“But at the end of the day, we are who we are. We have our unique opinions and approach so as long as we remain true to ourselves, we have nothing to be nervous about!”

Gogglebox Angie and Yvie
Tim and Leanne are nervous they will be compared to Angie and Yvie. (Credit: Foxtel)

And, the brother and sister duo couldn’t be more thrilled to be appearing on the show.

“We have barely started this journey but it has already been the experience of a lifetime,” they reveal. “We are genuinely excited to offer our unique views and opinions.”

Despite the fact that houses around Australia will know who Tim and Leanne are, they insist that their lives won’t be affected by the show.

Gogglebox Tim and Leanne
Leanne and Tim are thrilled to be a part of the show. (Credit: Nick Wilson / FOXTEL)

“Chances are we may be recognised in public,” they say. “But because our motivation was never one of ‘fame’, we don’t expect our lives to change significantly.”

And, when it comes to watching TV the siblings have pretty similar taste.

“Our favourite shows to watch are things like The Good Place, Travel Guides, Unreal, the new remake of Sabrina, and literally every cooking show you can think of,” they laugh.

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