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Farmer Wants A Wife’s Lorelei says David never made sure she was “okay” after fainting

“I really wish that he had reached out…”
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The latest episode of Farmer Wants A Wife saw Matt and David make their final decision. Matt chose Olivia and David chose Emily.

This meant poor Annabelle and Lorelei got their hearts broken. Annabelle handled the rejection incredibly well, wishing Matt and Olivia all the best without shedding a single tear.

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But Lorelei fainted once David revealed he didn’t love her back and was going to continue dating Emily instead.

And now, in an interview with Mamamia, Lorelei has revealed that David never reached out to her after the faint.

“He broke the news that it wasn’t me and I fainted. At that moment, I don’t even remember collapsing. I don’t remember anything I said after that – and from that moment we were pulled apart. I have had no contact with David,” Lorelei said.

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“I really wish that he had reached out just to even check in to make sure that I was okay. I just thought he was kind of the guy to do that,” she continued.

The 26-year-old does think that perhaps David hasn’t gotten in touch with her out of respect for Emily.

“I see it from his point of view, reaching out to the person that could have been the one, in front of her [Emily]. Like, how would that make her feel as well?”

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But Lorelei admitted that she’s felt incredibly anxious during the five-month lead-up to the Farmer Wants A Wife episode airing; especially because she wasn’t sure if producers would edit out the faint or not.

“I kind of just took a step back from everything, I didn’t want to talk to anybody, I was very heartbroken. I met my brother and spent time with him and his friends, [because] they didn’t know what had happened,” she said.

“I really should be over this, but the last few days have just been full of tears.”

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“I thought maybe the producers, out of the goodness of their hearts, wouldn’t show it because I walked away with a broken heart. Like, guys, come on, give me something. But I understand it’s good TV – of course they’re gonna show it, just at my expense,” Lorelei continued.

Farmer Wants A Wife continues Sunday, May 21 and Brad and Brenton will make their final decisions.

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