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Farmer Wants A Wife: Where are the couples now?

It's labelled the most successful dating show for a good reason!
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Farmer Wants a Wife has been around since 2007 and has made its name as one of Australia’s more successful reality TV matchmaking shows. 

Over the 13 seasons of this iconic reality TV series, Aussies have developed a deep love for the show and for the farmers on their search for love.

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Currently, there are 15 couples from Farmer Wants a Wife that have remained together since their appearance on the show, however, with the new season well underway, that number may be increasing shortly! 

As this year’s farmers continue with their journey for love, we’ve checked in to see which Farmer Wants A Wife couples from previous seasons are still together…

Which couples from Farmer Wants a Wife are still together?

Farmer Wants A Wife
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Kim Tierney and Chris Newsome, Season One (2007)

Tamworth farmer Chris Newsome met disability worker Kim Tierney in the very first season of Farmer Wants a Wife and were the first couple to marry; their wedding was even featured in the second season of the show. 

The couple now have two children together, son Corbin and daughter Charlotte, and the family resides on Chris’s farm in Tamworth. 

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Jo Fincham and Rob Hodges, Season Two (2008)

Jo Fincham, a former newspaper photographer, fell in love with South Australian cattle farmer Rob Hodges back in 2008 on the second season of FWAW. The two later married on March 27, 2010. 

Since then, Jo and Rob have welcomed three beautiful children, Darcy, 12, Maggie, 10, and Roy, 7. “I never thought in a million years that I would spend my days living on a farm and have three children,” Jo told New Idea.

“But now, I just couldn’t live back in the city; there’s no way I could adjust back to city living.”

The family of four was living on Rob’s farm in Mount Gambier, however, they recently relocated to Noosa in early 2024. 

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Rachael Peynenborg and Damian Atkins, Season Three (2009)

Tasmanian farmer Damian Atkins and Rachael Peynenborg fell in love at first in season three of FWAW. The two moved from the mainland to the Apple Isle following their time on the show and later welcomed their first child, Harvey, in 2011. 

Rachael and Damian married in 2016 and had another two children – Fin, 10, and Mae, 8. Together they run several beef cattle farms. 

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Clare Spark and Scott Warby, Season Four (2009)

After filming wrapped, farmer Scott Warby and Clare Spark continued to date long distance.

The Brisbane girl and sheep and crop farmer met up every other weekend and Scott proposed to Clare nine months later.

Nowadays, the married couple live at their Mungindi property and have two children, Elsie and Fraser.

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Stacie Marmion and Brad Crane, Season Four (2009)

It was love at first sight for Lithgow cattle farmer Brand Crane and Stacie Marmion. The pair dated for just six months after meeting on the show before Brad proposed. 

The couple have since welcomed three daughters – Darcie, 10, Bobbie, 8, and Frankie, 6. The family is currently living on their farm in Gunnedah, NSW.

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Amanda Ecker and Nathan McClymont, Season Five (2010)

Farmer Nathan McClymont and Amanda Ecker had one of the fastest romances in the history of FWAW, with Nathan proposing to Amanda in the finale! 

The two later married and have since welcomed three children – Mason, 13, Benjamin, 10, and Oscar, 3. 

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Tennile Jolly and Frank Atherton, Season Seven (2011)

It all started with a five-minute speed date for Hughendon farmer Frank Atherton and Perth office girl Tenille Jolly. The two hit it off instantly and the rest was history!

Frank proposed on his Hughenden property on Valentine’s Day 2013, and the pair are now married with one child, Oliver, 6. 

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Jodie Byrne and Sam Alford, Season Eight (2012)

Cattleman and musterer darmer Sam Alford fell for Sydney-based travel agent Jodie Byrne in 2012, while on season eight of Farmer Wants a Wife. Jodie quickly made the decision to relocate to WA and live with Sam on his property following the show’s finale. 

Sam later proposed to Jodie in December 2021 and the couple married at the beginning of 2015. They later welcomed their first child, River, in 2018.

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Jess Nathan and Andrew Guthrie, Season 11 (2021)

Jess Nathan and Andrew Guthrie have to have one of the cutest romances from the show! The loved-up couple fell in love instantly and actually wanted to drop out of the series mid-season because they knew they were meant for each other. 

The producers ended up convincing them to stay and almost a year after the show’s finale, the two moved in together. In August 2023, they announced they were engaged and have since tied the knot

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Tess Brookman and Harry Lloyd, Season 12 (2022)

Harry and Tess had an instant connection on the show… since meeting in 2022, the two have stayed together. Tess is studying a psychology degree and residing in Airlie Beach and Harry lives on his family farm in Kyabram, Victoria.

(Credit: Instagram)

Jess Cova and Will Simpson, Season 12 (2022)

Jess and Will first met in 2022 while filming for season 12 of Farmer Wants a Wife and have since moved in together. The two currently live at Will’s farm in Berriwillock, Victoria, and have adopted an adorable Dachshund puppy together. 

They recently celebrated two years together and Will took to Instagram with a sweet message. “We truly have a crazy story of how we met and our journey throughout the last two years has been nothing short of crazy and action-packed!” he wrote.

“Our love and support for each other is a wonderful thing. Let’s keep kicking goals and moving forward into our exciting future! Love you Queen.”

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Clare Hockings and Brad Jones, Season 13 (2023)

Beloved couple Brad and Clare have already welcomed their first child together, Roy, in December 2023. 

“We didn’t think it would happen as quickly as it did,” Brad told New Idea in July 2023, after their pregnancy announcement.

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Emily Gordon and David McMahon, Season 13 (2023)

Emily and David wasted no time following season 13 of Farmer Wants a Wife and quickly moved in together after filming wrapped.

The two later announced their engagement in October 2023 and recently had their engagement party in March 2024. 

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Claire Saunders and Andrew Coleman, Season 13 (2023)

Since Claire and Andrew first met in 2023, they have always known they were perfect for each other. Following the filming of Farmer Wants a Wife, Claire moved from Tasmania to Andrew’s farm in Narromine, NSW.

The two later announced they were engaged on March 17, 2024.

(Credit: Instagram)

Olivia Benic and Matt Young, Season 13 (2023)

Olivia and Matt are yet another couple from the 2023 season who have made it work and stayed together! The two have both moved to Canberra where Matt works with the Department of Agriculture.

The couple recently revealed that they had bought a house together. Olivia posted to Instagram on March 11, 2024, with the news – “Soooo we did a thingggg…!” she captioned the post.

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