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FWAW’s Brenton breaks silence on his split with Sophie

"It seemed to be very civil until a few weeks ago."
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It’s been a rough few weeks for Farmer Brenton and his now ex-girlfriend Sophie, the couple both taking to their respective social media accounts to blast the other. 

Sophie confirmed the breakup with a post to her Instagram stories on August 1st. 

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“With a heavy heart, I want to let everyone know Brenton and I have gone our seperate ways,” she wrote at the time. 

“Reg and I loved our life in Darriman and have been missing the farm a lot.”

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“It’s a disappointing ending, but I’ve learned a lot about myself and my values. I wish Brenton all the best and want to thank everyone for their support, especially my family and friends!”

Sophie took to her Instagram stories to address rumours surrounding her breakup (Credit: Instagram)

Three weeks later, Sophie revealed more details about the breakup on her socials, explaining that she had always understood the responsibilities and sacrifices of living on a farm. 

“I took this experience seriously. I was ready to find love.”

“There is so much that happened that people have no idea about and they’re judging our entire relationship off a couple of minutes of edited footage they saw on TV,” she added. 

“I lived with Brenton for over 6 months and went through a lot. I will never publicly share these details. But just know, I tried my absolute best to build a lifelong relationship. I loved him and I was deeply hurt by the situation.”

A few weeks following the breakup, Brenton finally shared his side of the story. 

“Neither of us wanted the breakup but we got to a point where we needed time apart after the experience we had just come through! It seemed to be very civil until a few weeks ago,” he told Yahoo Lifestyle.

“A few weeks ago Sophie messaged me saying she wanted to announce the spilt which I thought was a bit weird considering we decided not to, but I was fine with that. We still seemed to be OK then she blocked me off social media. Then goss started flying around the community about someone new on the scene.

“I know there’s going to be a time when hopefully we both move on but If the rumours are true I felt it was a little disrespectful to happen as soon as it did.”

Brenton doesn’t seem to have any leftover love for Sophie! (Credit: Instagram)

Prior to the public announcement, he did share a photoshopped image of himself along with the caption, “dodging bullets.” 

This is a huge shift from the heart warming Farmer Wants a Wife finale, where Brenton gushed about her. 

“Soph, I’ve never felt like this with anyone…You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever met Soph,” Brenton told her, much to the delight of viewers tuning in from home. 

The couple then embraced and told each other they loved one another.

Prior to making his decision, Brenton told the cameras that he had felt a strong connection with Sophie since the beginning. 

“Soph’s always been one of the favourites from the start. I took her back to the farm and things just shot off from there.”

Brenton says he had his eye on Sophie from the beginning. (Credit: Channel Seven)

Having realised “fairly early on” during filming that they had each found “The One”, the pair wasted no time getting started on the next chapter of their fairytale romance, Sophie making the move down from Brisbane to Brenton’s sheep and cattle farm in Darriman, Victoria. 

Surprisingly, it wasn’t the first time Sophie had lived in the country, having grown up on a rural farm herself. 

“I spent 18 years growing up on a farm, out in the country air, it was so good,” Sophie said to the cameras during a home visit. 

“Here’s to happily ever after.” (Credit: Channel Seven)

Months on, at the Farmer Wants a Wife reunion, Brenton and Sophie confirmed that they were still together, and madly in love. 

“It was difficult once this experience was finished and it’s just Soph and I in the house together,” Brenton admitted candidly to host Sam Armytage. 

“Once the honeymoon period was over…it was sorta…different.”

Despite this, the couple said they were stronger than ever, Brenton even admitting that Sophie had started renovating his bathroom!

“I feel like I’m home again!” (Credit: Instagram)

Taking to Instagram to answer FWAW-related questions in July, Sophie shared that, while she is adjusting to farm life in Victoria, she has also started a new job in marketing and social media.

“I feel like I’m home again!” she wrote.

“I’ve settled in quickly, I lived on a sheep and cattle farm in Victoria for 18 years, and now I am back doing that but on the other side of Vic.”

Sophie confirmed the breakup with this Instagram Story (Credit: Instagram)

But just as quickly as it begin, their fairytale relationship was cut short. 

And from what we can based on recent developments, the breakup was far from amicable. 

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