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Farmer Matt makes a shocking announcement on Farmer Wants A Wife

“I will be leaving the farm and moving to…”
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Farmer Wants A Wife is definitely one of the more wholesome reality dating shows on television and yet, the latest season has just been rocked by some serious drama.

The show is called FARMER Wants A Wife and yet, Farmer Matt announced that soon he won’t technically be a farmer anymore. Instead, he’s moving to Canberra for a new job.

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Talking to his final two ladies, Annabelle and Olivia, Matt did explain that the job is still related to farming. Matt also explained that he’s making this move because it’ll help him run the farm better when he eventually takes over from his father.

“I do have a little bit of news and something I wanted to tell you ladies. And it’s something that’s fairly recently cropped up, so it’s an important discussion. Um, yeah, I have had a fairly serious chat with [my] dad and he’s given me the advice that if I do want to see myself having a future on the farm and continuing that legacy on the farm, it’s really important that I chase after some external work off farm and work externally in agriculture,” Matt said.

“And having a fallback for me in work is really important. I’ve recently been looking at jobs within the department of ag[riculture] in Canberra. I will be leaving the farm and moving to Canberra, with the eventuality of coming back onto the farm and taking over one day too.”

matt olivia annabelle
Matt is leaving his farm… (Credit: Seven)

“Canberra is a fairly good move because I’m still so close to home and I’ll still have a lot of time to be back on the farm,” Matt continued.

Of course, the whole thing makes perfect sense but the whole premise of Farmer Wants A Wife is that the winning ‘contestants’ will end up dating a farmer who lives on a FARM; not the son of a farmer who lives in Canberra… So we can understand if Annabelle and/or Olivia felt slightly cheated upon hearing this revelation.

We’re not sure how Olivia took the news as she was extremely quiet after Matt dropped this bombshell.

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She told TV Week, “It was definitely not expected. Generally, I go a little bit quieter when I’m trying to think deeply about something,” but didn’t divulge further how she actually felt about Matt moving to Canberra.

Annabelle seemed to take the news really well, as she was already planning to move to Canberra if Matt chooses her in the finale. We’ll just have to wait and see what happens during the final episodes…

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