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Which Farmer Wants A Wife 2021 couples are still together?

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Well, the sun has set on another year of Farmer Wants A Wife.

With the finale over and our single country blokes having decided who they wanted to keep on the farm for good, only one question really remains: Are they still together?

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It was a whirlwind final episode for Farmer Wants A Wife’s 2021 season with only three out of five farmers finding love at the series’ end.

Farmer Sam didn’t quite make it to the finale breaking the hearts of his two ladies ahead of the final decision.

As for Farmer Rob, well it was a case of déjà vu with the 42-year-old confessing he hadn’t found his spark with either Vici or Kate also sending both women home.

Oh, Rob. (Credit: Seven)

Farmer Matt couldn’t shake his feelings for Tara and Farmer Will hoped to follow in the footsteps of his Farmer Wants A Wife pals, Rob and Jo, with his final choice, Jaimee.

Last came Andrew, who finally told Jess the words she had been longing to hear: “I love you.”

Now that we know the outcome of the show, we want to know if the couples who did make it out together are still, in fact, together…

Andrew & Jess (Credit: Seven)

Andrew & Jess 

If dropping the L-word in the finale wasn’t a good indication these two would go the distance Andrew’s post-show dedication should do it. 

“As hard as this whole experience was, and to relive on screen, I can’t say it was all bad. Because I met the most amazing person I have ever met,” he wrote in an Instagram post. 

“Rob talks about the ‘lightning bolt moment’ and it hit me real hard very early, it’s something that I have never experienced before.

“You can’t force it, it just happens, and I had never truly understood it until I met you. You are the kindest, most thoughtful, and genuine soul.

He went on to add:” Only you and I know the real truth to our story, and I am ok with that.

“Over 6 months together and my love and appreciation for you grows every day. I can’t wait to move forward with our journey and not have to hide it away from the world. Love you babe. @jessnathan_.”

Almost two years on from first meeting the pair announced their engagement with a sweet joint post to their Instagram accounts. 

“Farmer Wants A Wife 💍❤️,” they captioned the happy snaps, tagging the location as the rural town of Delegate, NSW. 

Matt & Tara (Credit: Seven)

Matt & Tara  

Ahead of the show’s finale eagle eyed viewers spotted some footage that suggested despite picking Tara, Matt had rekindled his romance with Hayley. 

You can read about the compelling evidence, oddly all stemming from dental work, here. 

While Matt has shared a finale photo with Tara after the show, neither is yet to confirm they’re still together. 

Interestingly, it appears Matt follows former flame Hayley on Instagram but not Tara – a clue? 

Will & Jaimee (Credit: Seven)

Will & Jaimee 

Neither Jaimee nor Will have confirmed their romance since the finale episode wrapped, which is a telling clue in itself before you even factor in the entire baby bombshell scandal with fellow star, Hayley. 

The 25-year-old revealed she was pregnant to Farmer Will following the finale in a statement that stunned fans. You can read all about it here. 

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